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Food Swaps! Figs
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It can be easy to fall into the same old routine when it comes to food… the same go-to breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners all made using the same ingredients. It’s great because you know you like it, but there is a great big world of food out there! You never know what else you could fall in love with. Try swapping out your regular foods with some of these new ones to spice up your regular menu!


Bell Peppers > Cubanelle Pepper

Food Swaps! Try Cubanelles Instead Of Bell Peppers

While almost 60% of the domestic pepper crop in the U.S. is bell peppers, there’s no reason to limit yourself to them! There is another common pepper you’ve often glanced over in our produce section called a Cubanelle. Also known as an “Italian frying pepper” – they are mostly used for just that! You can find them by looking for their long, tapered shape – about 4-6 inches long. They are light green, yellow or sometimes red when fully matured. Cubanelles are more flavorful than bell peppers making them perfect for sautéing. Try these in place of the bell pepper for stir fries, breakfast hash and stuffing with your favorite meats & fillings!

Try This:
Cubanelle Boats


Cereal > Granola

Food Swaps! Try Granola Over Cereal

When rushing out the door in the morning one of the most convenient breakfast options is a quick bowl of cereal. But what began as an attempt to get more fiber and whole grains in the diet has become an all-too colorful way to hide sugar and artificial ingredients as “part of a balanced breakfast”. But in the search for a quick and easy way to start the day, there is a ray of light – granola!

While you should still check sugar contents, granola is mainly whole-grain oats sometimes mixed with heart-healthy nuts and seeds. It packs a big fiber punch -plus protein- and is denser in calories than it looks, meaning a little goes a long way to keeping you full and alert. Mix granola with 1 cup of greek yogurt and some berries for a great breakfast you can enjoy AND feel good about.

Try This:
Homemade Granola


Zucchini > Any Other Summer Squash

Food Swaps! Try A Summer Squash Other Than Zucchini

From the canary yellow or crookneck squash to the smaller, rounder globe zucchini or pattypan squash – all you need to do to choose the best tasting squash is find a medium-size with smooth, shiny skin. If the squash has a thick exterior, peel before using. Avoid using the center of the squash, as some eaters can taste a difference. Very similar to zucchini, summer squashes can be used in many, many ways.

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Your Guide To Squash
Squash Guide



Potatoes > Yucca

Food Swaps! Try Yucca Instead Of Potatoes

Yucca is pronounced “YOU-ka” and is also known as cassava. It is grown in South America as well as other subtropical climates. It is a starchy root with a high caloric reading, meaning it is best in moderation, but WOW it sure makes some amazing fries! It can also be used in anything else you would use potatoes in – mashed, fritters, casseroles and more. The taste of the yucca is described like a sticky potato.

Try This:
Yucca Fries


Bananas > Figs

Food Swaps! Try Figs Instead Of Bananas

If you’ve grown tired of the same fruits and vegetables, you’re not alone! The U.S. census bureau reports that while Washington State has its apples, California has grapes, and Florida has oranges, Americans eat more bananas each year than any other fruit. We suggest changing it up by trying this California-grown fruit, the fig. Figs come fresh, dried, or candied. They have a taste between a peach and a strawberry with vanilla undertones. All fig varieties are soft when ripe and can be green, brown, yellow or deep purple. To enjoy a fresh fig, rinse them under cool water and wipe dry with paper towel. The skin of the fig is edible, so just twist off the stem and bite in!

1 medium fig has 37 calories and 6% of your daily value of fiber, 4% of D.V. vitamin B6, 3% your D.V. of copper, manganese, and potassium – a lot for 1 small fig!

Try This:
Fig Balsamic Proscuitto Crostini


Spinach > Bok Choy

Food Swaps! Try Bok Choy In Place Of Spinach

When you’re trying to #eatright, one thing that is consistent in all healthy diets is spinach! It has been glorified through Popeye the Sailor Man and even our 5-Day Smoothie Cleanse because of all the good the vitamins do for your body. BUT – there’s only so many ways to enjoy spinach. The next time you’re sifting through produce, try bok choy! Bok Choy is an asian green that belongs to the same cruciferous family as kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and collard greens. Bok choy has leaves similar to spinach with the addition of a white, fibrous stem. Cut the stem and cook separately from the leaves. The taste of bok choy is mild like spinach and it is great for stir fries, smoothies, salads, sauteed, and even baked with your favorite spices.

Try This:
Asian Grilled Bok Choy


Milk > Coconut Milk

Food Swaps! Try Coconut Milk In Place Of Regular Milk

With about 40% of adults unable to digest milk, opening your mind to something new might help out your digestion rhythm and well being. Coconut milk can be used in many of the same places as regular milk, as well as smoothies, soups, curries and stews. Coconut milk is a rich source of niacin (vitamin B3) with 13% of the R.D.A per cup. This vitamin helps you metabolize nutrients from the food you eat into energy. You will also find more iron and copper. If you are watching your caloric intake however, coconut milk has a higher calorie content per cup (552 calories/cup) and less calcium.

You know what else needs coconut milk? Thai Red Curry!

Try This:
Coconut Cream Pie Overnight Oats


Pasta > Zoodles

Food Swaps! Try Zoodles Instead Of Pasta

Spaghetti, linguine, penne, rigatoni, lasagna – pasta comes in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, pasta is the ultimate temptation when watching what you eat! What better way to enjoy everything that makes pasta amazing (the sauces?!) than putting them on top of a noodle you can feel good about – zoodles! 1 whole zucchini will spiralize into over a cup of zoodles while packing only 33 calories, 6 carbs and a bunch of potassium and vitamin c! Pick up our own fresh made zoodles in the produce department!

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Try This:
Lemon Garlic Chicken Zoodles


Burger Buns > Portobello, Sweet Potato, Lettuce Wraps, Eggplants

Food Swaps! Try Low-Carb Burger Buns

The season of the barbecue is among us, and dodging the carbs can be harder than ever when you’re surrounded by chips, dips, sandwiches and burger/hotdog buns. If you’re trying to focus more on the protein, veggies and healthy fats than the bread, try these bun replacements at your next barbecue!

Burger Bun Alternatives

Burger Bun AlternativesSave this recipe: recipes on our app 📲

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