The Season For Cheesin’!

Cheese Please! The Best Cheese Pairings

We believe food to be much more than fuel, but an experience to be shared and enjoyed with those around you. One food capable of transforming any meal into an experience is cheese. With its many forms and flavors, food lovers around the world have devised an art form from the act of food and cheese pairings.

Next time you’re looking to take a picnic, barbecue, brunch, lunch or dinner date to the next level, these must-try fruit and cheese pairings won’t disappoint!


Ricotta + Cherry

Ricotta Cheese and Fresh Cherries!

Super spreadable, ultra flavorful, fantastically fresh. There are so many ways to enjoy ricotta, even straight up if you wanted! This creamy white and mild cheese is beloved mainly in Italian cooking, but if you want to switch things up this summer, try it with some seasonal fruits! Sweet cherries like Bing are the total opposite of ricotta – intensely sweet with a slight acidity, they add the perfect brightness to any dish. Simply spread some ricotta on a cracker or crostini, top with some fresh cherries and a light sprinkle of sea salt and prepare to be amazed.


Brie + Peach

Brie and Peaches

Soft, creamy brie is practically devoid of sweetness.
Lush, tangy peaches are overflowing with it.
Combine the two, and you’re in for a mouthful of bliss. The tangy brightness of the peach really compliments the funky-ness of the brie, and cooking with the two takes the synergy to a whole other level. Drop in a salty aspect like pretzel or prosciutto and it becomes a summer comfort food no food lover can deny.


Aged Cheddar + Pink Lady Apples

Cheddar and Apples

We’re all about originality here, so while it’s no secret that cheddar and apples are amazing, it’s still important to us that you get the most out of your summer cheese and fruit pairing! It is also worth noting that we’re talking aged cheddar here, much different from the mild varieties that are easily overpowered when paired. The aging leads to a seriously sharp, deep and rich flavor that makes nothing but magic with the sweetness of a ripe apple.


Fontina + Apricot

Fontina and Apricot

It’s all about opposites and how they attract. Sweet with mild. Sugar with salt. What better way to make use of the sweet, sugary Apricots of summer than by pairing it with a soft, buttery, nutty fontina val d’aosta? Different than other varieties, the original Italian fontina is more similar to other softer and stinkier washed rind cheeses. Mild, nutty and strong with a tang, this fruit and cheese pairing is surely one your party won’t forget.


Goat Cheese + Blackberry

Blackberry and Goat Cheese

Get ready for a game changer! Tart, earthy and strong goat cheese has a unique way of standing out of any dish it is in. It adds a wonderful complexity to salads and frittatas and brings an exciting brightness to a dish whenever it is cooked. For this combination however, you’ll want little distraction from the “worlds collide” effect that happens when you combine it with blackberry. The deep, tangy, rich, sweet flavor of the blackberry practically melds into the tartness of chevre, getting this combo to the top of our “must-try” list for the summer.


Gouda + Pear

Gouda and Peach

There are multiple types of gouda cheese, and whether it’s smoked or not plays a huge part in its flavor. We would invite you to try pear with both dutch gouda (red rind) or the smoked varieties. You can expect a mild, creamy taste from your classic gouda. But reach for smoked and you’re in for a rich, deep, sensational treat. Pair either of these with the soft, smooth, sweet taste of pear and let the good times roll.


Parmesan + Fig

Parmesan & FIg

Originating in western Asia, figs have been a foodie favorite since ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman times. If you have never had a fig, they are sweet with a mild, honey-like quality. Fresh figs have a creamy texture while dried figs are chewy with an intense flavor. The tiny seeds within provide a unique crunch and nutty balance to all that sweetness. Fresh, dried, or preserved, figs are awesome with most cheeses. Firm, nutty and sharp, parmesan and figs are an excellent example of opposites attracting!


Manchego + Red Grapes

Manchego cheese and Red Grapes

As the Spanish say, uvas con queso saben a beso, or “grapes with cheese taste like a kiss.” Manchego cheese goes great alongside practically any food or drink you pair it with, but the combination of purely sweet and succulent grapes with the slight saltiness and gentle nutty flavor of the creamy manchego is a must-try. Pair the two on their own or with some crispy chorizo for a full flavor experience.


Feta + Watermelon

Watermelon and Feta

Watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit. With a mild sweetness, it’s incredibly delicious on its own, a delight in a salad, and an experience when grilled. Feta cheese is another summer favorite that makes its main appearance in salads. When the two are combined, you get to enjoy the pungent tang of the fresh feta which blends seamlessly into the gentle texture of the watermelon. Finishing with the subtle sweetness of the watermelon, these two are great combined in bite sized form… but add some mint and a little lime juice and you’re in business for an appetizer your guests are sure to be asking about.


Gruyere + Plum

Gruyere and Plums

Hailing from Switzerland, gruyere cheese is often found melted atop french onion soup, but don’t let that hinder you from grabbing some for your next cheese board. Described as creamy and nutty when young, gruyere becomes more assertive, earthy, and complex as it matures. Whatever the age, the flavor of gruyere plays incredibly well with most stone fruits, but specifically plums. If you get the right ripe, sweet, juicy plum, you may just have a new favorite pairing.


Build The Ultimate Cheese Board!

To create an experience of taste and texture with a variety of cheeses, look to include:

  • Something creamy like brie or gorgonzola.
  • Something sharp like muenster or cheddar
  • Something mild like gouda or fontina
  • Something nutty like gruyere or parmigiano reggiano
  • Something fresh like mozzarella or goat cheese

June 25, 2019