Summertime Sweetness!

Summertime Sweets Featured Image: S'Mores Bar!

All this sunshine and warm weather begs for as many backyard bashes, barbecues, cook-outs, picnics, beach days and summer adventures as possible! With so many delicious opportunities afoot, become the “Debonair of Dessert” by bringing any of these amazing summer treats to be the “cherry on top” of all your foodie fun!



Summertime Sweets: S'Mores Bar!

Chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers and a fire. S’mores are at the helm of all the great summertime staples for both their simplicity and the experience that goes into making them – trials and errors included. We’ve all had our fair-share of disappointments learning experiences setting the marshmallow ablaze or not getting it hot enough to melt the chocolate sufficiently. But when you get it just right, and that roasted marshmallow melts that chocolate into those sweet crackers – there is simply nothing finer.

While classic s’mores are always in order, the foodie world has no shortage of swaps and additions to take this favorite to the next level. Whether you swap the graham crackers for your favorite cookie, waffle or donut or add in some grilled fruit, candy or other meltable magic, s’mores are a summertime treat we love to eat.


Pies & Cobbler

Summertime Sweets: Summer Fruit Cobbler!
Summer Fruit Cobbler

One of the best parts of the season is the awesome amount of fresh produce that comes out to play! Not only does that mean a world of fruit and veggie goodness for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but desserts get a whole lot yummier too! Cooked fruit on its own might be amazing, but with the right dough or batter, some sugar and whipped cream on top, delicious creations like pie and cobbler simply can’t be beat. Whether you make your dough from scratch, use a ready-to-rock pie crust or utilize your favorite cake mix, don’t let the summer go by without experiencing the awesomeness of a homemade berry, pineapple, peach, apple or cherry pie!


Homemade Popsicles

Summertime Sweets: Fruit Popsicles!

If there is one summertime art exploding in popularity, it’s popsicles! There is just so much freedom! If it freezes, it can be made into a popsicle – and the amount of recipes out there show just how much variety that invites. Not can you use your favorite juice, soft drink, soda, infused water, etcetera, but by throwing whatever you want in a blender the possibilities are endless! You can use a filler like lemonade and drop in your favorite berries and fruit. You can make your favorite smoothie and freeze it into a simple, delicious and healthy treat. You can get as indulgent as you desire by crumbling cookies, crackers, candy, into a sweet cream and freezing that.


IceBox Cakes

Summertime Sweets: Blueberry Lemon IceBox Cake!
Blueberry Lemon IceBox Cake

This ingenious remnant of a time when summertime cooking was avoided at all costs in an effort to keep the house cool shows us clear as day – no bake makes the best cake. Made by using whipped cream or pudding to cement together cookies, wafers or other goodies, icebox cakes are assembled and chilled. While chilling, the cookies/wafers absorb moisture from the cream and become just as excellently soft as regular cake. Our favorite part of icebox cake has to be the endless varies to choose from. Love chocolate sandwich cookies? Use ‘em! Love vanilla wafers? Go for it! Ice cream sandwiches? You betcha! No cookie, wafer, cracker or creamy-filling is out of bounds!



Summertime Sweets: Strawberry Jello & Pretzel Pie!
Strawberry & Pretzel Jello Salad

Running along with the no-bake trend, gelatin is another summertime treat we can’t get enough of. It’s jiggly, somewhat-solid texture, bright colors and super sweet variety of tastes has a unique way of bringing out the kid in all of us! Not only can you manipulate the flavors of and enjoy straight-up Jell-o in a variety of molds, but it is also amazing for layering in or combining with the recipes of other pies and cakes to make other unique gelatinous creations.



Summertime Sweets: Key Lime Pie Bars!
Key Lime Pie Bars

Despite some recipes calling for a baked cookie-like base and others calling for a no-bake base, one thing is certain – dessert bars gooooood eats! From salted caramel and funfetti to cherry pie, cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie – if its been on a dessert menu it’s been made into a bar! We like them because of their excellent crowd-feeding abilities as well as their soft, moist texture. What makes a bar a bar and a cake a cake is the density of the filling/batter. To give an idea, brownies are the perfect halfway point between a cake and a bar. You can mix many different ingredients into bars and layer them to your liking. Some seal a secret filling within with a tasty crumb or cake/cookie topping. Others let the filling shine and top it off with a dusting of powdered or cinnamon sugar.


Dessert Dip

Summertime Sweets: Churro Dip!
Churro Cheesecake Dip

Cannoli cream, apple pie, cookie dough, cake batter, strawberry cheesecake and more – when it comes to dessert dips the options are endless! Starting with a base of whipped cream, cream cheese, yogurt or other creamy goodness, making your own dessert dip is as easy as adding your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings. Vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, cake mix, candy pieces, sprinkles, crushed cookies, nuts and more are all fair game, and they do even better when you mix and match!


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June 18, 2019