Picnic Perfection!

Italian Sandwich Roll Up by Happy Go Lucky Blog

Summer is in full effect and couldn’t be more alive with barbecues, pool parties, nights on the town and the great outdoors. One excellent way to get your daily dose of sunshine is a fun, free and delicious picnic! Because you’re out and about however, picnics require some planning and preparation, but when all the boxes are checked it’s a sure-fire way to have some old-fashioned fun outdoors!

A few things to consider when choosing foods for your picnic:

Food Safety. If your food needs to be refrigerated you will need a sufficient cooler.
Place Setting. Are there tables at your desired location or will you be using a classic picnic blanket?
Meal Plan. Are you looking to have a full meal with courses or just a variety of munchies?
Weather & Surroundings. Have a rain date in mind in the event of inclement weather. Check out your spot beforehand to assess how crowded/noisy/buggy/inconvenient it could be.

Once you have these issues sorted out, then comes the fun stuff – the FOOD!



Green Apple Mojito by Today's Nest
Green Apple Mojito by Today’s Nest

When out in nature enjoying the fresh air, there’s almost no better time for an ice cold refreshment! To ensure your drinks stay crisp and refreshing, be sure to have 1.) an adequate cooler, 2.) an adequate amount of ice and 3.) everything nice & cold before it goes in. A few “cool” tips when it comes to cooling:

Get your cooler as cold as possible before filling. If you have your cooler out in a shed/attic/garage, cool it down indoors overnight. You can even pre-chill it with cold water (from the hose or elsewhere) and / or additional ice right before you stock up.
Be sure everything that goes in is cooled, even frozen if needed.
Make packing the last thing you do before you head out. The less time between your food entering the cooler and the time to eat it, the better!
Layer it up. Block Ice on the bottom, then layer your food & drink in the order you intend to take it out in. (First foods on top, later foods on bottom.)
Mind the gaps. Fill empty space with additional ice.
Keep it out of the sunlight/hot spots. Keep your cooler in the shade or covered.
Keep it closed. The less your cooler is opened, the longer it will stay cool. You may want to consider two coolers – one for food, one for drinks.

Try These At Your Next Picnic:

Pick up some delicious (and good-for-you) Infused Waters from our Juice Market!

Infused Water In Our Juice Market


Food & Munchies

Picnic Foods

To keep things clean, fun and easy at your picnic, think “finger food”. The less utensils, the better! That said, we’re looking to keep things fun AND clean, which makes these foods brilliant options for your picnic!



Turkey Sandwich Kabobs by The Almond Eater

Just about anything can be put on a stick! Kabobs are not only visually appetizing, but easy to eat and prepare! From appetizers and mains to snacks and dessert, you can kabob just about anything!



Pasta Salad In A Jar by Finding Zest
Pasta Salad In A Jar by Finding Zest

Easy, cute and convenient! While a fork or spoon might be required for your mason jar meal, it doesn’t require any plates or eating surface – perfect for “on the fly” eating at any picnic (or beach)! With so many combinations, use your imagination! Drinks to dips and salads to cake, mason jars would be a great choice for any picnic.


Roll It Up

 Italian Roll Ups by Happy Go Lucky Blog
Italian Roll Ups by Happy Go Lucky Blog

A little more hands-on than kabobs, but free from utensils, wraps & rolls are another excellent choice for a picnic. Perhaps outnumbering kabobs & mason jars in terms of the possibilities, simply pick your fillings & what to roll them up in and let the good times roll! There are so many different ways to roll up the picnic food of your dreams, but the most popular include:

  • Sandwich Wraps
  • Puff Pastry
  • Rice Paper
  • Sliced Deli Meats or Cheese (for low-carb)
  • Thinly Sliced Cucumber

Some Roll Up Combos To Try:


Grab & Go’s

Breeze by our Bakery, Deli or Produce departments and you’ll find a variety of grab and go’s perfect for any picnic!

Ready To Serve Platters From Best Market!


For The Kids!

Package up snacks for the kiddos with a clothes pin and plastic baggie! They could even make their own!!!

Fun Snack Packs By Juggling With Kids
Fun Snack Packs By Juggling With Kids

July 10, 2018