Meet Garrett Valley Farms All Natural Meats!

No Sugar Added Garrett Valley Farms

Just in time for the new year, we’d like to welcome and introduce you to Garrett Valley Farms and their all-natural meats!



Cows On Garrett Family Farm

Family-owned and operated since 1993, Garrett Family Farms has been providing bacon, hot dogs, sausage and other meat products free from antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives and artificial ingredients. Associated with Yorkshire Farms, Wellshire Farms and Land O’ Frost farms in the past, Garrett Valley Farms have grown the method and developed the highest standards in the all natural meat industry. Their all-natural and organic meats come from farmers who uphold their company values; raising all beef, chicken, pork, and turkey on an all-vegetarian diet, with room to roam, dignity and care.


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Garret Valley Farms Family Values:

  • Always All Natural Ingredients Used (you can pronounce!)
  • Always Free of Fillers, Preservatives,Synthetic Nitrates and Nitrites
  • Always Less than 10 Ingredients
  • Always Antibiotic Free
  • Always Humanely Raised Animals
  • Always Small Batch
  • Never Permitted Growth Hormones
  • Dry Rubbed – Never Pumped with Water


Paleo Friendly!

Happy Pigs From Garrett Family Farms

For those following a paleo diet (short for “Paleolithic” as a reference to the foods available to man back then), Garrett Valley Farm’s clean and natural meats put foods like bacon, hot dogs and sausages back on the menu. Sugar free with all natural ingredients, choose from classic bacon, turkey bacon, beef hot dogs, turkey kielbasa, smoked andouille, smoked chorizo and turkey andouille!


Beyond The Meat

Tucked away in re-purposed farmhouses in Southern New Jersey sits the Garrett Valley Farms offices. Powered by a 50 kilowatt Solar Electric System since 2012, the buildings are powered entirely by solar energy, adding even further to their stunning reputation as a clean operation. Equating to planting 7,359 trees, eliminating 161,942 vehicle miles, and removing 322 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, their solar powered facilities, usage of strictly recycled paper and plastics, and minimization of product packaging are as sustainable as sustainability gets.

“It might not be the most cost-effective way to run a business, but if you ask us, you can’t put a price tag on planet earth.” – Garrett Family Farms


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December 31, 2019