The Healing Powers Of Tea!

Read All About Tea and Its Medicinal Benefits
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Tea has been known to humanity as long ago as 2737 BC when the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong discovered it accidentally – or so the story goes. A leaf drifted into a pot of boiling water and the infused taste was refreshing. This lead to the experimentation of steeping other leaves and spices into the science of tea today.

Tea first gained popularity throughout China, Tibet and Northern India and was originally used for medicinal purposes due to the widespread havoc of consumption. It did not take long before tea became characterized as China’s national drink and trade ensued throughout the east and onto the west. Europeans did not start importing tea until the 17th century, but had first dallied with the brew when trade began with Arab nations in the 9th century and Marco Polo alludes to tea in his travel writing about the East.

Coffee remained the preferred drink but caught on slowly due to its popularity among women. After the first tea shop in England opening in 1657 tea’s popularity spread – eventually giving way to the East India Trade Company, the first monopoly in the business of tea.

It is in the 19th century we see tea drinking taking an important role in social life from tea parties to afternoon tea in England and America. After the development of tea bags and further research into the effects of tea the benefits were discovered.

From helping your teeth and heart to staving off cancer – here are some amazing teas and their awesome benefits!
Tea Has Amazing Healing Powers

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January 30, 2017