Best Of: Beans!

The Best Of Beans!

Beans and legumes, legumes and beans! These highly affordable foods are also highly nutritious, not to mention tasty! Here we’re breaking down the best beans you can eat for your health, wallet and taste buds!

About 8 years ago I visited Slow Food. An indigenous lentil was being celebrated. I remember thinking they are excited about this one dal! & thinking in India we have hundreds of dals to celebrate! Dal is a fundamental dish for us. Part of culture, ritual, tradition. Will you join us in sharing your recipes, pictures & stories about dal from all over India to celebrate the 1st ever #DalDivas on 25th Jan? After all Dal, whether as dal or sambhar, with rice or roti, is omnipresent in the Indian plate. Read more on how you can celebrate -> #diversity #LoveMyDal #dalroti #dalrice #lentil #pulse #dhal #daal #dal #Indiancuisine #IndianFoodObservanceDays #celebrate #DalDivas #DalDay #plantprotien #lugumes #thaalis #mungbean #channa #urad #rajma #lobia #kidneybeans #beans #beancuisine

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With an increased interest in vegetarian recipes because of trends like #MeatlessMonday, beans (& some legumes!) are an amazing source of dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins and many other vitamins and minerals. Dried or canned, it’s always good to have some on hand!



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Chickpeas Nutrition Facts

A great source of fiber and protein, chickpeas are a Mediterranean delight used in hummus and falafel. They are fantastic when spiced and roasted and can easily be thrown in a food processor with breadcrumbs & spices to make out-of-this-world meat[less]balls. Chickpeas usually come in a can, but if you get them dried they will need to be soaked & softened before cooking. From buffalo chickpea roll ups to chickpea cookie dough, the possibilities are endless with these awesome beans!

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Lentil Nutrition Facts

Looking for a hearty, filling, and nutritionally rich addition to soups, stews, sauces, tacos or veggie patties? Give lentils a try! With origins in the Near East and Central Asia, there is no shortage of spices and methods to enjoy lentils with. Lentils usually come dried, but the fresher the better. Rinse your lentils in a colander to remove any debris,

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Green Pea Nutrition Facts

Like many others on this list, a serving (about ½ cup) of peas provides a good amount of fiber and protein while also being dang delicious! Peas are by far one of the easiest foods to prepare. You can get them canned or frozen, and regardless of how you cook them, when they’re tender, they’re done! There are lots of ways to enjoy green peas like the ever-famous split pea soup, added to a hearty pasta carbonara or hidden in a shepherd’s pie. With recipes becoming more and more adventurous you can even find pea pesto, crunchy pea salad and even appearing as an ingredient in hummus! However our favorite way to enjoy peas is as the star of the show in Italian-style peas.

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Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans Nutrition Facts

While we most often find kidney beans in our chilis, these beans are mainly an integral part of northern Indian cuisines! You will also find kidney beans used in signature New Orleans Creole dish red beans and rice. From India to Spain, the Netherlands and Indonesia, these beans are commonplace in many dishes, and it’s easy to see why! It doesn’t take a lot to fill you up, and their earthy flavor and solid texture make them an excellent meat replacement in veggie burgers. If you choose to buy them dried, there are a few steps before you can get cooking.

Sift through with your hands to remove any dirt & debris. Rinse under cold running water.
Soak them in a large pot overnight, about 3 cups of water to 1 cup of beans.
Drain with a colander and rinse under cold running water before returning to the pot where you will cover them with fresh water (same 3 to 1 cup ratio) and place on the stove to cook.
Once rolling boil is reached reduce the heat to medium-low and summer for 2 hours. Check for doneness by biting or pinching. Continue simmering until desired tenderness is reached.

From there you can add some salt and pepper and serve or add them to whatever other creative culinary ideas you can think up!

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Black Beans

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Black Beans Nutrition Facts

This awesome addition to salads, soups, casseroles, rice & even on its own with some onions & spices has been a long-time protein-rich food staple in Latin American cultures. Black beans are native to the Americas but have gained popularity in Punjabi, Cajun and Creole cuisine as well. Black beans are hearty and take on the flavors of foods and spices around them which makes them a great replacement for meat in many dishes like tacos & quesadillas, veggie burgers, dips & meat-less balls. If bought dried, you will need to sift and soak your beans. With 10 cups of water to a pound of black beans, bring water to a boil for 3 minutes before removing from heat to sit for 1 hour before draining, refilling with fresh water to boil then simmer with salt (1 tbsp. To 10 cups of water) until desired tenderness (about 1 hour).

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Pinto Beans

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Pinto Bean Nutrition Facts

Pinto beans have a mild taste and hearty texture that make them a popular and filling side dish. Mexican style pinto beans are a must-try slow cooker recipe that only asks for chicken broth, a white onion, diced jalapeño, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper. The result is a spicy but satisfying and comforting side dish perfect for cold winter months. Work pinto beans into your diet for a great source of complex carbs, fiber, protein and folate.

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Ways To Eat More Beans!

  • Mashed. Take out your masher on some cooked beans or use a fork to mush it onto toast!
  • Meat-less burgers, balls, nuggets.
  • Add to salads. Add to leafy green salads or make your own bean salads.
  • Make into bean dip or add to salsa.
  • Baking. There are recipes for chickpea pancakes, black bean brownies and more!


Show us your favorite way to enjoy beans! Just tag us with #BestMarket, we’d love to see!


February 5, 2018