Boar’s Head Old World Antipasto

Simple yet sophisticated, this antipasto platter is easy to prepare and adds an elegant touch to any affair.

Boar's Head Old World Antipasto

Recipe: Boar’s Head Old World Antipasto

Boar's Head Old World Antipasto


10 Grape tomatos
3 slices Red pepper roasted
3 slices Yellow peppers roasted
1 cup Olives, assorted Italian
1 jar Artichoke hearts halved
1 tsp Capers drained
⅛ lb Prosciutto Cotto – Italian Roasted Ham with Seasoning thinly sliced
⅛ lb Hickory Smoked Pasteurized Process Gruyere Cheese long thin strips
⅛ lb Prosciutto di Parma thinly sliced
⅛ lb Picante Provolone Cheese halved
⅛ lb Sopressata Grande (Hot & Sweet) thinly sliced
⅛ lb Manchego Cheese sliced in wedges
⅛ lb Serrano Ham thinly sliced


10 minutes




  1. In the center of a serving platter place a medley of grape tomatoes, roasted red and yellow peppers, assorted olives, grilled marinated artichoke hearts, and caper berries.
  2. Place assorted Boar’s Head meats and cheeses around the center medley (alternating for color) in the following order Italian Roasted ham, Gruyere, Prosciutto, Provolone, Sopressata, Manchego, and very thinly sliced Serrano ham.
  3. Serve with olive oil toasted baguette slices.