Your Meatless Menu For July 2020!

Meatless Menu For July: Red Curry Veggie Naan Pizza

Hot summer weather calls for hot summer recipes! Spice up your life with a different #meatless meal for each Monday of the month with these hot meatless recipes.

Red Curry Naan Pizza

Red Curry Veggie Naan Pizza

Lightly sauteed corn, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes over a red curry tomato sauce baked together on crunchy naan bread. This cheese-free pizza packs all the unique, earthy, bright flavors of indian curry and delicious vegetables paired with the ease and convenience of pizza. Ready in 25 minutes, you can whip this up on even the busiest #MeatlessMonday!

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Green Quinoa Summer Salad

Green Goddess Quinoa Salad

For anyone limiting meat, quinoa packs 8 grams of quality protein per cup making it an exceptional plant-based protein source for vegetarians and vegans alike. This meatless quinoa salad is as simple as preparing and cooling quinoa and tossing it with cherry tomatoes and spinach leaves. Topped with your choice of dressing, you can also spice it up with cheese, almond or nuts, other veggies or chicken breast for anyone around not interested in going #Meatless as much as you are!

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White Bean Toast

Tuscan White Bean Toast

Anyone with culinary awareness knows that when “Tuscan” is in the recipe title you are in for a treat as this recipe supports. Starting with your choice of toasted bread, shallots and tomatoes are sauteed with salt, pepper, garlic, red wine vinegar and honey before white beans are added to the mix until warmed through. Top your bean mixture over the toast, top with parmesan and thyme and enjoy, all in under 30 minutes!

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Napa & Kale Slaw With Crunchy BBQ Cauliflower

Napa and Kale Slaw With BBQ Cauliflower and Jalapeño Ranch Dressing

There is something so perfect-for-summer about slaw, and this version made with napa cabbage and kale is no different! Made overtly gourmet by the double-roasted BBQ cauliflower and paprika roasted chickpeas, the cherry on top is a drizzling of pickled jalapeño ranch dressing. Complete with the crunchy kale and napa cabbage base, spicy chickpeas, sweet, tangy and hearty cauliflower and that cool-spicy jalapeño ranch, this #meatless dish is a total experience of taste and texture with the bonus of being packed with essential vitamins and nutrients!

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Do you have a favorite #Meatless meal we should know about? Tag us with #BestMarket, we would love to see!

June 18, 2020