11 Tricks To Remember Your Reusable Bags

We’ll start this super helpful and amazing blog off with some inspiration:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Ghandi


The need for a change in how we interact with our planet has become more evident than ever. In an effort to reduce the plastic usage in our stores, we 1.) only provide plastics bags that are made from recycled material, 2.) act as a recycling center for any plastic bags you may have at home, and 3.) introduced our Go-Green Reusable bags in a number of styles, designs, and sizes. Some even come with a reusable 10¢ off coupon!

While the bags are great for more than just groceries, half of the battle is remembering to bring them with you! So we put together this list of 11 ways to help remember your reusable bags.


1.) Have A Large Selection

Have A Number Of Best Market Bags To Choose From
It’s easiest to remember your bags if there are a number to choose from! More bags mean more areas to strategically place them so you don’t forget. Which brings us to our next point-


2.) Strategic Placement

Place Your Bags Where You Will Remember Them!

Our favorite places include a cupboard in the kitchen, a hook or basket near the front door, tucked between your center console and seat in the car, stashed away in your purse, and anywhere else you could grab them on the go.


3.) Make It A Habit

Best Market Reusable Bags

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit of something – let’s apply this to shopping with reusable bags. With a little determination and discipline, remembering your bags to go shopping will become second nature. To get started, we need to be a little hard on ourselves. So, if you forget, you 1.) buy more green bags at the market, or 2.) head home/to the car and grab them. Inconvenient? A little, but over time being strict with yourself will help you remember to bring them next time.


4.) Invest In Some Convenience

Compact Reusable Bags

With the push for major change in our environmental impact, reducing, reusing, and recycling have become businesses of their own. This has given way to all-new ways to make remembering your bags even easier, including bags small enough to attach to your keychain and bags small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.


5.) “BAGS” Should Be The First Thing On Your List

Remembering Your Reusable Bags
Until your habit is formed, this should be the most important item on your list!


6.) Remind Yourself

Remind Yourself About Your Bags!

Leave notes or set alarms around the time you are planning to leave.


7.) Make It Personal

Try sewing or knitting or crocheting your own bags. You can even put some of those old t-shirts to good use with this helpful how-to!


8.) Involve Your Family

Best Market Bag Family Fun

If you have kids and you take them shopping, explain why you want to take your special bags, and put them in charge of helping you remember to bring them with you and take them in. It gives them a job and helps to teach them remembering your bags is an important task as well!






9.) Put Your Bags Back When You’re Finished

Best Market Bags - Put Them Back When You're Done!

Almost the trickiest part! The groceries are away and it’s dinner time – don’t forget to put them back in the car/your strategic place.


10.) Let Your Cashier Know To Use The Bags You’ve Brought

Let Your Cashier Know To Pack Your Best Market Bags

For some cashiers, bagging with the plastic is second nature, so reminding them is very helpful. They also need to scan the 10¢ coupon underneath! It also feels great to skip out on the pesky plastic and load up your own bigger, stronger, and better bags. Those on line behind you will see as well, so maybe they will remember their own bags next time!


11.) Keep Your Good Habit Going Strong Beyond Grocery Shopping


Bring your reusable bags when you go anywhere they might try to give you a plastic bag. You’ll be setting a great example for those around you and reducing your footprint.


Why This All Matters So Much

Over 1 trillion plastic bags are produced every year—and every single one of those bags will take an estimated 1,000 years to degrade. They often end up in our oceans and environment, effecting wildlife and the oceans purity. At that cost, is the convenience of using plastic bags really worth it?

Help us do some positive in the fight for the planet – recycle your plastic bags at your local Best Market and pick-up your own Go-Green reusable bag today!

April 14, 2019