Meet: Meat Maven Kosher Meats

Kosher Meat by Meat Maven

Quality and convenience are just two of our many goals in building a super! amazing! wow! experience in our stores. So when we opened up in Great Neck, we knew that having a selection of fine Kosher foods would be a high priority! From fresh kosher meat, fish, deli and baked goods to Kosher pantry and household must-haves, we’ve gone above and beyond to bring our customers the kosher products they need at a price they’ll love!

When you enter our OK Kosher certified meat department, any Kosher customer will be pleased to see a wide range and selection for all their broiling, braising, stewing, grilling & roasting needs. To help assure full adherence to the laws & processes of Kashrut, we trust none other than The Meat Maven – a strictly Kosher provider of beef and other meat products for 3 generations – to help us bring you the finest Kosher products in town.

Fresh Kosher Meat

After first starting their Kosher meat business in 1940’s, the Meat Maven family has traveled far and wide delivering their quality meat products to stores & butchers. From France to Brooklyn, their beef and meat products are amongst the highest quality available in the Kosher Meat market. Sourced strictly from Tevya’s Ranch in Uruguay, their cattle and other livestock are pasture-raised year round with the freedom to roam as nature intended. To provide the finest beef possible, cattle is fed a grass-based, non-GMO diet free from unnecessary hormones or antibiotics.

“An old calling of ours has also been to keep the price of kosher beef and chicken as low as possible so that it can be accessible to all.”
– Meat Maven

After a happy life on the farm, cattle, chickens, lamb & all other animals are slaughtered, processed and inspected in adherence to the laws of Shechitah. The equipment is designed to permit upright slaughter of beef and veal in a manner that is safe, respectful, and humane. All meat and poultry then undergoes the necessary Glatt inspections and blood removal processes to ensure accurate labeling and – most importantly – clean, fresh, and completely Kosher meat.

Pick up their deliciously Kosher beef and get cooking with these great recipes!

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October 2, 2018