Tricks For Your Treats!

Tricks For Your Treats!

Whether you’re making your own goodies or dressing up something delicious, trick out your treats this year with these next-level Halloween hacks!


Baked Goods

Edible Eyes

Nothing can take a halloween treat from fun to spooktacular like edible candy eyes! Make your own by putting dots of melted white chocolate down on wax or parchment paper, followed by smaller milk/dark chocolate spots inside. Let your eyes cool in the refrigerator then pop them off the wax paper to give any treat holiday flair!

Try This Stencil!


Make It Pop!

One of our favorite things about Halloween is all that bold color! When working with chocolate, icing or even batter, separating to plastic bowls/baggies and adding food coloring is a simple way to add custom color to almost any homemade treat! Work with the classic McCormick water based food coloring you can find in our baking aisle or use candy melts/food coloring gel for more precise and intense colors.

Follow this color guide!


Simple But Spooky Spider Web

Step 1.) Draw some circles
Step 2.) Use a toothpick to pull color from the inside out
Step 3.) Enjoy!

Use Traceables

Similar to the method we talked about to make your own edible eyes, you can print any simple black linework design, place it under the translucent wax/parchment paper then use melted chocolate in a fine-tip squeeze bottle or piping bag to trace over the design. Let harden/freeze then pop off the sheet to apply to cookies, cakes, cupcakes, you name it! Use this method to trace spiders, spider webs, pumpkins, black cats, skulls, bones, bats & more!


Mix & Layer

Add a surprise to the inside of your cakes this year by layering different colored cakes together! Layers need to be cooked in separate pans if you want the frosting in between the layers, but feel free to layer or even mix around different colored batter together for cool effects as well!

Try this method for multi-colored cupcakes!


Halloween Candy

Anyone can open a candy bag and put it in a bowl for Halloween. Be the best house on the block for your trick or treaters this year by dressing up those candies with some of these easy & awesome methods!

Ghoul-lly Pops!

Just use some string and fabric!

Lend A Hand!

A box of gloves will do!

Costume Your Candy

Click the image for printable designs!

Make It Creepy Crawly

There’s always time for some fun with pipe cleaners!


For A Healthy[er] Halloween



Boo-Nanas and Orange “Pumpkins”

Perfect for parties.

Baked Mummy Bananas

Dastardly AND delicious!


Tag us in your Halloween food fun, we’d love to see!

October 10, 2017