Your Meatless Menu For August!

A lifetime of beef, chicken or pork being the main part of a meal can make the thought of a vegetarian lifestyle an intimidating one.

As one famous nutritionist put it, “Eat [real] food, not too much, mostly plants.”

The benefits of a variety of vegetables in a diet are numerous, but the main takeaways have to be their heavy hand in our optimal energy, brain and body functions. Whether you’re an ambitious and explorative cook, adding something new to the menu or attempting to eat less meat, these recipes are a tasty and satisfying way to do so!


Cauliflower Rice & Beans Stuffed Peppers

Minimalist Baker - Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Pepper

With more uses for cauliflower added by the day, this recipe puts low carb, low calorie cauliflower rice to great use. By mixing it with other traditional Mexican staples like beans, pepper, salsa, cumin and chili powder, the cauliflower rice helps take stuffed peppers from a heavy nap-inducing comfort food to a guilt-free yet fully loaded dinner that could satisfy the most committed meat eater.

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Chili Mac ‘N Cheese

The Comfort Of Cooking - Vegetarian Chili

A long ingredient list, but worth it! With no essential chili ingredient missing but the meat, no one will even notice it’s vegetarian. From bell peppers and carrot to jalapeño, corn and mixed beans, this chili is loaded with protein and complex carbs that are sure to satisfy for hours to come. Yet the best part about this recipe? Just saute it all together, add liquid ingredients, boil & cook your macaroni in it then it’s ready to serve.

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Sweet Potato Curry

Pinch of Yum - Sweet Potato Curry

With many types of curries out there, this is a Thai curry that uses the cuisine’s classic curry paste, coconut milk and chopped peanuts to make a hearty sauce incomparable to other cultural norms. Served over rice, sweet potatoes are sautéed in curry paste before they are cooked until tender in coconut milk and vegetable broth. Followed by baby spinach and a peanut/cilantro mixture, this is one meatless recipe perfect for “changing things up” in the kitchen.

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Green Goddess Buddha Bowl

Epicurious Green Goddess Buddha Bowl

These nutritionally rich rice bowls have taken the foodie community by storm. Brightly colored vegetable combinations and other flexible ingredients make them irresistible to vegetarians and vegans alike when it comes to a filling and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Since authentic Buddha bowls are meatless, they are a great option for any meatless meal, and this green goddess bowl is no exception! Focusing on all-things green, you’ll find broccoli, snap peas, cucumber, baby greens and even avocados in this bowl -with some egg for an extra “oomph” of protein.

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July 31, 2018