How To Eat The Rainbow Everyday

Eat The Rainbow! Kabobs

Not only is eating the rainbow fun and delicious, but all those different colors represent different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals our bodies need for optimal nutrition! With such a wonderfully wide variety of fruit and veggies to choose make room for, planning them into your meals can be tricky!

Eat The Rainbow! Vitamin & Nutrients

The solution? Fit as many fruits and veggies into your day across multiple delicious meals using various cooking methods!



Eat The Rainbow! Salads
Chickpea Feta Rainbow Salad

We’re going to get this one out of the way since it is already the most popular way most folks load up on veggies! Making the perfect salad is one thing, but making a salad that covers the spectrum of colors in the food world is much more fun! The green is covered by your base of leafy greens, but the more the merrier! With this in mind, build your own rainbow salad with these foods!

Eat The Rainbow! All The Foods


Grilling / Roasting

Eat The Rainbow! Kabobs
Hawaiian Chicken Rainbow Kabobs

One of the tastiest ways to make good use of a lot of vegetables at one time is to pop them in the oven or on the grill! It’s as easy as choosing your favorites, prepping together on a pan or layering up on some skewers. Where you really make it tasty is the seasoning. Sure, salt and pepper is great – but hit them with a creative spice mix (think taco, italian, bbq, paprika, curry, jerk) and anything can easily be taken to gourmet status!


Frittatas, Egg Muffins & Quiches

Eat The Rainbow! Frittatas
Rainbow Veggie Egg Muffin, egg

Perfect for meal prep, frittatas can be done for as many (or as few) people as you need to feed. Whether you make it large-and-in-charge casserole-sized, pie/tart dish sized or perfectly portioned in a muffin tin, frittatas are a fun and easy for any scenario. Not only are they easy, but they look as good as they taste too. It’s no wonder why they are a go-to for countless brunches!


Veggie Alternatives

Thai Zuccchini Noodles

We are living in a golden age of veggies! The business of vegetable alternatives to carb-laden foods like pasta, rice and bread is booming and we can’t get enough. From no-tato mashed veggies to riced broccoli, zucchini noodles and cauliflower pizza crust, the options are endless as far as eating a rainbow of veggies in a single meal. Serve your mashed sweet potato as a side with a rainbow of red, yellow and green grilled bell pepper. Create an exciting zucchini noodle salad with a rainbow of tomatoes, carrots, corn, and red onion. Load up a cauliflower pizza crust with a greek arrangement of cucumber, red onion, roasted red pepper and pepperoncini. Anyway you play it, the more colorful ingredients you add, the better your meals are going to look and taste!


Sauces, Dips & Pestos

Eat The Rainbow! Sauces
Spicy Kale & Quinoa Pesto

In a similar way to veggie alternatives, homemade sauces are on the rise. Beyond the ever-popular tomato sauce, we are also seeing squash, red pepper, zucchini, carrots, chickpeas, jalapeño, avocado and other ingredients making their way into all types of sauces and pestos. Many smart moms use this method of blending cooked veggies into sauces so picky eaters can reap the benefits of eating the rainbow without even knowing it! Recipes like spicy kale pesto (linked above), beetroot hummus, roasted red pepper sauce, smoky babaganoush, avocado chimichurri and cauliflower alfredo are all the rage in the foodie world and we can’t get enough.


Veggie Burger

Eat The Rainbow! Veggie Burgers
Mexican Green Chili Veggie Burger

When it comes to reaping the many benefits of eating the rainbow, veggie burgers might as well be the ultimate food hack! You can literally pack as many or as little veggies into a fun-to-eat and delicious patty. Then, in addition to all the veggies in that patty, you can load even more! It’s a great big world of options out there – from beans and quinoa to mushroom and veggie medleys, you can find a veggie burger for all tastes and styles. The gist of all veggie burger recipes is:

  • Your cooked and cooled ingredients
  • A binder like egg, cheese, or flour
  • Seasonings

And that’s it! Just be aware to be gentle when cooking and follow recipe instructions on the “binder/s” as best as possible or you run the risk of a crumbly patty!



Eat The Rainbow! Smoothies

Last but certainly not least, the most convenient and tasty way to eat a rainbow of foods in one sitting, smoothies! No cooking. No racing the clock to keep produce fresh. Little cleanup. Finished in under 5 minutes. Great on the go. A perfectly balanced smoothie can hit every nutritional target required for a meal AND be prepared and kept in the freezer making it perfect for meal prep and an easy weeknight dinner. You can make them fun and fruity or lean and green, but anyway you blend it, smoothies are always a great idea. Make your own at home, or stop by our Juice Market when you’re on the go!


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July 3, 2019