9 Ways To Stuff A Mushroom

Ways To Stuff A Mushroom!

It’s strange how mushrooms are categorized with vegetables when they are so different! In a league of their own, mushrooms contain unique compounds not common in other foods like copper & riboflavin while being higher in protein than most other vegetables. They are very low in calories and carbs but hearty enough to make an excellent meat substitute.

Interestingly, mushrooms release more of their nutrients when cooked, so we’re in luck! Stuffed mushrooms are a fun way to get the nutritious and satiating benefits of mushrooms with other foods and flavors taking them to the next level!


Fully Loaded Ways To Stuff A Mushroom


Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Classic
via Peas And Crayons

The “classic” way to stuff a mushroom, this recipe is simple but satisfying! The idea here is to make a delicious stuffing from about 4-5 of the mushrooms that will be stuffed. This basically means mincing them up, sautéing in butter and garlic, adding breadcrumbs and whatever spices you like before letting it cool enough to stuff it into remaining mushroom caps before baking it all together until golden brown. This recipe by Peas and Crayons hits the nail on the head as a must-try!


Spinach & Cheese

Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Spinach Ricotta
via The Busy Baker

If you’ve ever had spinach ravioli, spinach dip or spinach lasagna, then you know the magic that is made when you mix spinach & cheese! With a very simple ingredient list, we particularly like this recipe for its use of ricotta and parmesan to give you a delectable, creamy filling with just enough spinach to make it good for you.



Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Crab
via The Spruce

Filled with texture and buttery flavor, crab stuffed mushrooms are bursting with textures and flavor that are sure-to-please. This recipe is great with its addition of minced red bell pepper and green onion, but you can omit if you like to keep things simple. We invite you to use our own ready-to-cook crabmeat for it!


Low Carb Ways To Stuff A Mushroom

Your Favorite Meat & Cheese

Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Bacon Fontina
Via Taste Of Home

Hot Italian sausage & parmesan, steak shavings & provolone, ham & american… there is something about the combo of meat & cheese! This recipe challenges all the classic meat & cheese combos with its combination of cream cheese and freshly shredded fontina, crumbled bacon and sun-dried tomatoes!


Pizza / Caprese Stuffed Mushrooms

Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Pizza
via Mom To Mom Nutrition

Being careful to check the sugar in any pre-made tomato sauce, pizza stuffed mushrooms are an excellent way to satisfy a pizza craving without the carbs! You can add sausage, beef, pepperoni, but this recipe keeps it simple with marinra, pepperoni slices, mozzarella and a little basil.


Jalapeño Popper

Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Jalapeño Popper
via Souffle Bombay

What’s fantastic about stuffed mushrooms is that with smaller varieties like cello or baby bella, you have a perfectly-poppable appetizer size great for feeding a room. When it comes to parties, this recipe for jalapeno popper stuffed mushrooms is a real crowd pleaser. Made with a simple ingredient list of mushrooms, jalapeños, cream cheese, shredded cheddar & a few spices, these come together quickly and can be cooked on the grill or in the oven.


Vegan Ways To Stuff A Mushroom

Panko & Herb

Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Panko & Herb
via Recipe Tin Eats

In a similar style to the classic stuffed mushroom, this vegan recipe uses a simple ingredient list of panko breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, thyme, salt & pepper. We love it because its a waste-free recipe that makes use of the mushroom stalks in the stuffing. With a nice meaty-ness from the sauteed garlic & mushroom and pronounced italian flavors of thyme & parsley, vegan or not these make a great light lunch, side dish or appetizer for any occasion.



Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Veggies
via Oh My Dish

There’s nothing more diet-friendly than seasoned & sautéed veggies stuffed into some mushroom caps! These beautiful very-veggie delights come together in no time and look gorgeous with the variety of color and herbs. Seasoned and spiced with garlic, basil, thyme, red chili pepper, cayenne pepper and salt, this is a great way to get the awesome vitamins and nutrients from vegetables.


Mexican Quinoa

Ways To Stuff A Mushroom: Mexican Quinoa
via Minimalist Baker

Is there anything not to love about the hearty, warm, rich taco-esk flavors of chili powder & cumin? These stuffed mushrooms make short work of a fully loaded ingredient list that includes quinoa, sweet potato, black beans & bell pepper sure to keep you full off of fiber and protein!


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March 18, 2018