Just Missed It! Free Hommus, Pita Chips & Muffins

Expired: Free Items 8/1/19: Cedar's Pita Chips and Hommus AND Our Store Baked Muffins!

This offer has expired.

Our Free ITEMS Of The Day are:
– Cedar’s Pita Chips  –
– Cedar’s Hommus –
– Store Baked Muffins –

Act Fast! This Offer Is Only Valid:
Thursday, August 1st, 2019!Free Items 8/1/19: Cedar's Pita Chips and Hommus AND Our Store Baked Muffins!Now Scannable On Your Phone In All Stores!Offer valid August 1st, 2019 only with $50 additional purchase for one of each item per household. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offer.


Shop Smart, Save Big!

We love our customers like family and we want them to know it! That’s why we’re offering the chance to receive Cedar’s Pita Chips, Cedar’s Hommus and a 4 pack of our #BakedWithLove Muffins FREE when you shop with us! Consider it the “cherry on top” of our super! amazing! wow! experience!


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