Vegetables, Ranked

We Ranked America's Favorite Vegetables

No picky eaters here, we love our veggies! Some decisions were easier than others – like how could you put pumpkin up versus potato?! All things considered, here are America’s favorite vegetables, ranked from best to worst by tastiness alone!


  1. Corn. Pretty much nature’s candy!

  2. Carrots. A naturally sweet treat!

  3. Pumpkin. So tasty it’s hard to believe it’s a vegetable sometimes.

  4. Garlic. Real talk – everything on this list is better with garlic.

  5. Potatoes. Gimme that starchy goodness.

  6. Onions. Raw? Amazing. Cooked? Even better.

  7. Bell Pepper. Bright, beautiful and just as delicious as they look!

  8. Tomatoes. Sauce! Salsa! Caprese! BLT! Soups! Salads! Pizza! Heaven 💖

  9. Beans. From refried beans to chilis, burgers and beyond – so tasty, so satisfying.

  10. Peas. You know it’s good if kids love ‘em!

  11. Broccoli. Everyone is a fan, they just don’t know it yet. All it takes is the right seasoning.

  12. Ginger. A staple in hundreds of tasty dishes world-wide!

  13. Shallots. Less popular than onion, but better. Trust us.

  14. Edamame. The funnest vegetable out there.

  15. Eggplant. Funny how no one cares about no meat at a meal if eggplant is involved.

  16. Mushrooms. No better way to add some heartiness and flavor to a meal!

  17. Beets. Bright, sweet and so fun to eat! Don’t be afraid, have a taste and you’ll be swayed.

  18. Green Beans. What can we say – they have a following!

  19. Zucchini. Such a fun food for fries, “noodles”, lasagna, crusts, bread and beyond!

  20. Yellow Squash. Zucchini’s shy twin sister!

  21. Cauliflower. A versatile veggie taking the world by storm as we speak!

  22. Winter Squash. Tough on the outside, pure deliciousness on the inside!

  23. Artichoke. 100% worth learning how to eat!

  24. Cassava / Yucca. Use a peeler on that rough exterior and cook as you would potatoes for a real treat!

  25. Asparagus. Don’t @ us.

  26. Brussels Sprouts. 3 words – Brussels. Bacon. Shallots. 🙌 🙌 🙌

  27. Broccoli Rabe. Not judging, but we’re kind of suspicious that people only like this because it is drenched in garlic butter.

  28. Collards. If you haven’t had BBQ collards, get on it STAT!

  29. Radish. A pleasantly peppery taste when raw, awesome when roasted.

  30. Leeks. Warning: once you experience leeks you’re going to want more.

  31. Snow Peas / Snap Peas. Toss these in with your Asian stir fry and experience what foodie dreams are made of!

  32. Cucumber. Crunchy AND cool! (…but we’re willing to bet the best thing it’s ever done is be in tzatziki sauce)

  33. Romaine. The best base for salads, awesome as a wrap!

  34. Arugula. + Italian sausage + Red wine vinegar + Thick crusted Italian Bread. Try it and thank us later!

  35. Spinach. Pretty great as a base for salad, but hardly noticeable in most of the foods it’s cooked in.

  36. Bok Choy. AMAZING in kimchi and anywhere else you use it, but not our favorite green. Too much stem!

  37. Lettuce. Like it, not even close to loving it.

  38. Celery. Okay in doses on its own, but too overpowering when incorporated in other things. In soup and on the side of buffalo wings is really the only places we’re happy to see it.

  39. Chayote. Really just a smaller, low carb, easier-to-work-with squash. Has a subtle taste that works with pretty much anything you put it with.

  40. Cabbage. Proof that anything is delicious when you can hardly taste it.

  41. Kale. Great!… if you can mask that flavor somehow…

  42. Swiss Chard. Kale’s more-eccentric cousin.

  43. Horseradish. Can be made into a cool sauce, but that’s about it.

  44. Parsnip / Turnip / Rutabaga. Underappreciated and underutilized, but we’re kind of okay with that.

  45. Okra. “Slimy” is literally a term people who cook with it use to describe it and we just can’t get past that.


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March 26, 2019