S’mores 8 Ways

S'mores Dip

Just like watermelon, hot dogs and lemonade, s’mores are a summer classic that hits the spot for kids from 1 to 100. While the first official recipe appeared 90 years ago in a Girl Scout guidebook, variations of chocolate and marshmallow served together date back to the Victorian-era. Excitingly enough in 2020, enjoying the classic s’mores combo of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker has evolved in many ways – all delicious and perfect for any barbecue or summer celebration!



S'mores Board

One of the most fun elements of s’mores is how you can swap, add or alter ingredients. We’re talking cookies instead of graham crackers, other meltable candies instead of chocolate, adding fruit between the chocolate and the marshmallow, etcetera. The possibilities are endless, and laying a selection of fun ingredients in a “build your own”-style tray full of “YUM’ is a surefire way to have an entertaining and delicious time!

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S'mores Cheesecake

No fire required for this tasty treat. Made with a brown sugar and vanilla spiced graham cracker crust, the filling is a traditional cheesecake combo of cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream and sugar. The money shot of this cake is the topping – a layer of thick hot fudge and a helping of mini marshmallows browned under the broiler until browned (about 30 seconds – 1 minute). ????

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S'mores Cookies

Loaded with lots of chocolate within and on top, this recipe yields about 16 soft, chewy cookies topped with graham crackers and marshmallows. They are a fire-free way to enjoy everything you love about s’mores, and they’re less messy! You could also cut the recipe time in half by using pre-made cookie dough, just add your toppings and get baking!

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S'mores Brownies

This s’mores recipe swaps regular chocolate for a layer of solid brownie! Featuring a sweet graham cracker crust and gooey marshmallow topping, this fire-free version of s’mores is a chocolate-lovers dream. The crust is simple – just graham cracker crumbs, butter and sugar mixed and pressed to the bottom of your brownie pan. Add your brownie batter on top and bake until cooked before adding the marshmallows and broiling until browned. Though tempting, allow the brownies to cool completely before slicing.

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S'mores Nachos

Ready in just 10 minutes, this version of s’mores makes your chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers into a night of pull-apart fun. Simply layer your graham crackers, chocolate chips and marshmallows in an oven-safe pan for 10-15 minutes at 350º F and let cool just a bit before serving.

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S'mores Cones

You can make these on the grill, in a campfire, or the oven, but any way you melt em’, you are up for a great time! A great way to avoid on-fire marshmallows with inexperienced s’more-ers, this brilliant recipe simply adds all the s’more ingredients to an ice cream cone before wrapping in foil and cooking until melted. You get the full s’mores effect, minus the mess, plus a delicious s’more-covered waffle cone to devour. A win-win-win!

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S'mores Dip

Similar to s’mores nachos, this recipe melts only the chocolate and marshmallow together for you to dip your crackers, cookies, fruit, etcetera in. We like it because you will have the crunch to the graham cracker in every bite, plus you can add other meltable goodies like caramel or peanut butter in with the dip too, or add it on top!

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Double-Decker Oven Baked

So many s’mores, so little time. We LOVE this oven baked s’mores recipe. By the end you are left with 2 layers of s’more-y goodness, plus it is fire-free AND less messy. But the crown jewel on this creative s’more variation is the 2nd layer of different meltable candies. That alone makes this one sheet pan a tasting tray of marshmallowy-chocolate-graham cracker goodness. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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May 21, 2020