Pack A Healthy Lunchbox This Year!

It’s that exciting time of year again. When the kids get their class schedules, we get to meet the teachers, and another 180 days of school lunches lurk ahead!

Basic Lunch Box
We Meet Again!

While we all want to send the kids off with a lunch to be proud of, making time for and choosing what to put in the lunchbox can become a real hassle when we’re crunched for time! As one mom put it;

“I found myself packing lunches that, after taking a second look, I wouldn’t want to eat.”  

That’s what why we’re here to help! While homemade lunches take time, it is often enough time well spent as the benefits of a balanced lunch are numerous.

All that brain activity and learning for hours on hours everyday quickly depletes a growing kiddos energy. It’s important for you and your family to recognize lunchtime as a refueling opportunity – not just a rest from the maths, arts, and sciences!

Refuel At Lunchtime
That goes for grown-ups too!

Lunchtime is more than just an opportunity to fill up the tank however – what goes into a growing guy or gal is the most important piece to the ritual that is lunch! Our eating habits are naturally formed during childhood and adolescence, so promoting good nutrition is crucial to preventing a nutritional deficiency, diabetes, obesity or a picky eater! I.e: Healthier school lunches lead to healthier nutritional choices throughout a lifetime!

Little Jimmy Loves Eating Fruits & Veggies
Help them grown strong and stay strong!

So let’s put good in to get good out in the long run!

Stick to this nifty and super helpful infographic when preparing your lunches this year for a great year and healthy kid!

Back to School Lunch Infographic

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September 4, 2017