Must-Try Marinades

Must-Try Marinades! Marinating Station

Interested in taking your meals to the next-level of flavor, depth and “POW!”? Of course you are, and marinades are the way to do it! By definition, a marinade is:

A sauce, typically made of oil, vinegar, spices and herbs, in which meat, fish or other food is soaked before cooking in order to flavor or soften it.

For this entry, we’ll be focusing on uncooked mixtures. Just mix all the ingredients together, dump it in a sealable baggie with the meat/seafood/vegetables you wish to marinate and let it sit.

Soaking times vary depending on what you are marinating, but you can stick to this nifty chart to get started!

Must-Try Marinades! Suggested Marinating Times
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Here are some of our favorite marinades!

Must-Try Marinades! Thai Chili Ranch

Bring a delicious and unique heat to your next meal with this Sweet Chili Ranch marinade. It adds a kick to any dish thanks to a special blend of sweet Thai chili and savory Ranch!  Try it with Grilled Chicken!

Must-Try Marinades! Miso

Miso is a salty paste made from fermented soy beans, rice or barley. It has numerous protein, vitamins and minerals from the unique cultures inside, plus it also tastes great! You’ve probably had it in a soup before, but this marinade goes great on lighter foods like chicken & seafood. Soak salmon in it for 30 minutes in the refrigerator then grill your salmon on high, skin side down, about 3-4 minutes before flipping to cook another 3-4 minutes.

Must-Try Marinades! Garlic Ranch

Simple ingredients, complex flavor! Where can you go wrong when ranch and garlic come together?! Try it on chicken.

Must-Try Marinades! Baja Style

This exotic, tangy marinade is called Baja-Style from where it originated. “Baja” is the name given to the Baja California peninsula. It stretches from the U.S. Border to Cabo San Lucas in the south. Many famous Mexican cities belong to this area including Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali and La Paz, so you can bet Baja Style is a likely favorite for anyone who likes the festive flavors of Mexican cuisine! It makes for great tacos, but try it on beef, swordfish, tuna or snapper.

Must-Try Marinades! Mustard Balsamic

It’s hard to go wrong with these 3 main ingredients! The mustard, balsamic, garlic and rosemary flavors come together perfectly for a unique flavor that is great on chicken or pork chops.

Must-Try Marinades! Honey Jalapeño

Sweet yet spicy! We suggest trying this fun combination on pork chops marinated overnight in the refrigerator, just let them come to room temperature before throwing onto the grill.

Must-Try Marinades! Cuban MojoMojo is the signature marinade in Cuba. The key element in this marinade is the sour orange – an almost bitter Seville orange that grows throughout Cuba. We can do our best with any bitter orange juice you can find or use lime juice. We suggest trying this marinade on one solid piece of boneless pork shoulder – let it rest several hours or overnight before cooking. *Note* Do not marinate longer than 2-3 hours as citrus will begin to cook your proteins.

Must-Try Marinades! Spicy Yogurt

A combination of hot paprika and cayenne make for an interesting yogurt-based marinade with plenty of heat. It is a play on tandoori-style without the more traditional Indian spice blends. Marinate chicken thighs 4-8 hours then add to kebabs to enjoy juicy meat and this marinades unique flavor.

Must-Try Marinades! Lime Cilantro

One of the more classic marinades on this list, lime and cilantro dress up whatever they are applied to flawlessly. Even adding it to salsa or salad is equally enjoyable, but we suggest trying this marinade on chicken or vegetables.

Must-Try Marinades! Whiskey Brown Sugar

Perhaps no marinade steals the show like this smokey, whiskey-brown sugar combination. Marinate steak, pork or chicken in the refrigerator 3 hours-overnight then prepare on the grill and enjoy! For meat that is less-sweet, use a Scotch.


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May 23, 2017