Kicked Up Condiments! Upgrade Your Sauces

Try These Amazing Sauces!

The word “sauce” originates from the latin word “salsus” which means “salted”. In the early days of culinary creation, it was discovered that salting meats & foods helped delay spoilage. It also improved the flavor and mouthfeel of foods, and so further experimentation began.

Of the oldest recorded sauces in the world, the Greeks used garum – a fish sauce – while the Chinese popularized a soy bean paste. Here we are a couple thousand years later, and there seems to be a never-ending list of ways to take a delicious meal to the next level!

We’re breaking down some of the most amazing sauces you could try to enhance your spring and summertime food festivities!


BBQ Mustard

Sweet or hot, thick or thin, brown and white… there a lot of barbecue sauces out there! The key ingredients of barbecue sauces across the U.S. are vinegar, tomato and mustard. Mustard sauces reign supreme in South Carolina which is most-appropriately called the “Mustard belt”. The mustard base combined with vinegar and seasonings makes for a rich, tangy mustard sauce that is a perfect match for smoked pulled pork with more edge than traditional mustards. This sauce is best served on the side to prevent overpowering the flavor of your food.


Sriracha Mayo”>

“Word on the street” is that sriracha was created in Thailand, but it was Vietnamese businessman David Tran who popularized the condiment in the U.S. through his company Huy Fong Foods in the 80’s. Sriracha gained popularity very slowly up until 2011, when its cult following overflowed and became a full-time fad. It can be hard to avoid at this point, but we certainly don’t mind! It’s made from ripened, red jalapeño – but is not as hot – with garlicky flavor that delivers a unique kick.

Sriracha mayo is exactly what is in the name – combine 1 part sriracha to 3 parts mayonnaise. While it is mostly popular at sushi restaurants as “spicy mayo”, this is a great one to try on chicken, burgers, veggies, fries & more.


Avocado Garlic Aioli

You certainly know how much we love avocados, and guacamole is fantastic… but would you consider for a moment that a better dip/sauce could be made? Imagine everything you love about avocados with a creamy texture and many layers of flavor working together to get your tastebuds going in every angle! Whip up this avocado garlic aioli in your food processor and enjoy with chips or fries, on sandwiches, burgers, and anything else you find at a barbecue.


Chipotle Crema”>

Crema is a Mexican term for a dairy-based sauce. It has more of a sour flavor than sour cream with a salty tang that helps neutralize the heat of spicy dishes. What makes a chipotle crema so excellent is that the chipotle itself is a smoked, dried jalapeño that lends a smoky and muted spice to whatever it is included in. When combined with a creamy, tangy dairy (yogurt, in some recipes) base, the chipotle flavor is perfectly manageable and compliments most dishes. We look forward to trying it as a base in pasta salad, a dipping sauce for fries & veggies or on a veggie burger.


Parmesan Garlic Sauce”>

When eating spicy food like wings or jalapeño poppers, it can be excellent to cool down the heat with a sauce. Cheese is just the thing! (when it is not?) This creamy parmesan garlic dipping sauce will be the perfect compliment to almost any type of food! Ready in no time, delicious all the time!


Lime Cilantro Aioli”>

For those interested in a cool, refreshing sauce perfect for crispy potatoes, tacos, zucchini fries, or calamari, the combination of cilantro, lime, and garlic in mayonnaise will work perfectly! All you need is a bowl and a spoon and this excellent recipe.


Sweet Chili”>

Take a step back from the conventional and try this light and fluid Asian sauce for a change of pace this spring! Made with honey, vinegar, garlic, and red pepper flakes this sauce is great drizzled over vegetables or burgers, over grilled chicken and, of course, with egg rolls!

May 11, 2017