Hopped Up Hot Dogs

Hopped Up Hot Dogs! Try Something New

They’re affordable, yummy, great on the grill, and hard to mess up – hot dogs are an essential summer food!

Hot dogs, which are a peculiar form of sausage, got their start in Germany. There are 2 towns who claim to have created the first versions of the hot dog – Frankfurt claims ownership of the frankfurter since 1484, and Vienna claims to be the true originators of the wienerwurst. No matter who created them, it is agreed that German immigrants were the first to sell wieners in New York from food carts in the 1860’s. Nathan Handwerker – a Jewish immigrant from Poland – began his own hot dog stand around 1915 where he charged 5¢ below the typical price; this put other stands out of business and created the ever famous “Nathan’s”.

Fun Fact! When President Franklin Roosevelt hosted King George VI in Hyde Park, 1939 – Eleanor Roosevelt made grilled hot dogs part of the menu for a picnic. People were worried that this would reflect poorly for America, but the King enjoyed them so much he asked for seconds!

Take a break from your regular ketchup and mustard this year! Try one of these loaded hot dogs at your next backyard barbecue!


The New Yorker

Hot Dog + Bun + Mustard + Sauerkraut + Onion sauce

Seattle Style

Bratwurst + Bun + Cream Cheese + Jalapeño + Cabbage + Sriracha

Amerika zahájena #seattlehotdog#coleslaw#yellowmustard #sriracha #sweetandpepperdays

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Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog + Split Soft Roll + Relish + Tomato + Onions + Guacamole or Avocado + Mayo



Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog + Bun + Grilled Sliced Peppers + Onions + Jalapeño

Ya es #Viernes recuerda te esperamos, de 5:00 a 7:00 p.m. #2X1 en bebidas y #cervezas nacionales.

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Dodger Dog

Footlong Hot Dog + Footlong Bun + Ketchup + Mustard + Chopped Onion + Relish

Reconnecting with my American side, one hot dog and baseball game at a time. #dodgers #dodgerdog #baseball #hotdog #🌭 #⚾️

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Doyer Dog

Footlong Hot Dog + Footlong Bun + Mustard + Nacho Cheese + Jalapeño + Salsa


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Carolina Dog

Hot Dog + Bun + Chili + Chopped Onion + Cole Slaw

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Montreal Dog

Steamed Hot Dog + New England-Style Bun + Mustard + Chopped Onion + Cabbage

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Michigan Dog

Hot Dog + Bun + Chili + Mustard

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Italian Dog

Deep Fried Hot Dog + Italian Roll + Bell Peppers + Onions + French Fries/Potato + Ketchup + Mustard


Coney Island Hot Dog

Short Hot Dog + Short Bun + Chili + Chopped Onion + Shredded Cheddar

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Bagel Dog

Hot Dog + Wrapped In Bagel Dough + Served With Mustard & Ketchup

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Chile Hot Dog

Hot Dog + Bun + Chopped Tomato + Sauerkraut + Mashed Avocado + Mayonnaise

So I guess this is how you eat hotdogs in Chile. #GuacAndMayo #NoKetchupAndMustard #StillGoodTho

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Guatemala Hot Dog

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog + Bun + Avocado/Guacamole + Letuce + Cabbage + Mayo + Chopped Onion


Swedish Hot Dog

Hot Dog + In A Wrap + Mashed Potato + Shrimp Salad + Lettuce + Fried Onion


French Hot Dog

Long Hot Dog + Baguette + Gruyere + Broiled Until Brown

The best way to start a French skiing adventure! #frenchhotdog #hotdog #valthorens

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Chinese Hot Dog

Hot Dog + Dumpling Dough Wrap + Sesame Seeds

Mini chinese hot dogs buns! #latenightbaking #chinesehotdogbun #minihotdogbun

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Argentinian Hot Dog

Chorizo Link + Soft Hero Roll + Chimichurri + Pickled Red Onion

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Vietnamese Hot Dog

Long Sausage + French Roll + Julienned Pickled Vegetables


Amsterdam Dog

Long Hot Dog + Long Bun + Pizza Sauce + Mozzarella Cheese + Broiled Until Brown


Build Your Own Hot Dog Bar!

May 26, 2017