Sweet AND / OR Savory!

Blurring the lines of Sweet & Savory

For the most part, we have a basic understanding of what foods are sweet and which are savory… but think again! On this list you will find a myriad of foods that are notorious for breaking down the boundaries between sweet and savory. After much research and debate, these are the best recipes to try of sweet foods playing savory and vice versa!



Sweet AND Savory! Cinnamon

Baked between layers of dough, featured in a pie, dusted over cookies – we commonly think of cinnamon as a must-have spice for sweets (especially in the quickly-approaching Fall season!). However, the culinary world turns to cinnamon in a variety of savory dishes as well. When you leave the sugar out of it, cinnamon adds a warm and spicy note to braises, soups, sauces, roasts and more.

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Sweet AND Savory! Citrus

Lemons, limes, oranges and even grapefruit all have the delicious ability of fitting into both savory and sweet dishes. Citrus can be added to recipes as a zest, a peel, squeezed or sliced. Lemon is often used in cake/pastry batter, sauces, frostings, dressings, marinades and even on its own atop salmon or chicken. Lime is most famous on tacos or pies. Orange slices can be dipped in chocolate for something sweet or combined with asian flavors for a tangy orange sauce. Use grapefruit in ice cream or zested into a grapefruit and cranberry chicken marinade.

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Sweet AND Savory! Pineapple

The tangy, sweet flavor of the tropical pineapple can star in any recipe be it sweet or savory. From pineapple upside down cakes and salsas to bacon wrapped pineapple bites and pineapple ginger chicken, there are many popular recipes that have familiarized us with pineapple’s unique flavor and versatility.

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Sweet AND Savory! Salt

While it is only required in small amounts, salt is just as important in baking as it is in savory cooking. Salt has an almost magical way of bringing out the nuttiness of different flours and the depth of flavor in chocolates, fruits and spices, so almost every bakery recipe requires salt, even if it’s just a pinch.

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Sweet AND Savory! Bacon

A relatively new ingredient in the sweet/savory scene, bacon has exploded in popularity. Perhaps due to the same logic as salt being used in sweet recipes, bacon can now be found crumbled over cupcake frosting, baked in chocolate chip cookies and even dipped in chocolate on its own!

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Sweet AND Savory! Chilis

While most popular in Mexican desserts, chilis certainly have their place in the world of sweetness. Something about adding just the right amount of heat to a sweet recipe sounds oh-so-right. Just be careful when cooking with your chilis – handle with gloves to avoid getting the heat in your eyes or on the skin.

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Sweet Potato

Sweet AND Savory! Sweet Potato

Have you ever enjoyed the pure pleasure of crispy sweet potato fries? Everything you love about regular fries with a touch of maple-y goodness! It seems only natural that this starchy potato ended up completely blurring the lines of sweet and savory! You will now see sweet potato served up with lots of butter, maple syrup, cinnamon and even marshmallow, but the sweet treats don’t stop there. Enjoy sweet potato pies, brownies, pancakes, cobblers, muffins, breads and even ice cream! It’s very similar to pumpkin in its uses, but sweet potato also rules the world of savory foods with its uses in soups, roasts, skillets and mashed recipes.

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Sweet AND Savory! Chocolate & Cocoa

Behind its most-often sweet taste, chocolate holds the potential to take savory preparations to the next level. When used in small quantities chocolate lends a silky and complex dimension to many dishes. You can find chocolate in recipes for cocoa-rubbed ribs, baba ghannouj, chili, Catalan pesto, mole and more!

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Sweet AND Savory! Honey

Known as the best natural sweetener out there, honey is a staple in the American kitchen. Whether you have your honey bear or a jar of delectably ultra-thick raw honey, a tablespoon is welcome in most any sweet recipe. However it is when you incorporate honey’s golden qualities to savory recipes that an unexpected magic happens! Honey brightens and enhances the richness of thickly spiced savory dishes like Moroccan braised lamb, herb-glazed salmon, Thai sweet chili and more.

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Sweet AND Savory! Carrots

With fall quickly approaching, there is no doubt you’ll be seeing carrots more and more. When you search for carrot recipes, there is a practically even balance of sweet and savory recipes, making this an ideal food for this list! It is so easy to caramelize the sweetness of carrots to blend perfectly with a variety of spices: garlic, parmesan, cayenne, balsamic, parsley… you name it! However the sweetness of carrots can also be accentuated in cookies, breads, cakes, and even roasted with brown sugar or honey!

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Sweet AND Savory! Nuts

They can be sweet, salty or savory, but nuts do a great job of donating their consistency to any type of dish. Whether its peanuts in Thai food, pecans in a pie or slivered almonds on top of a casserole, nuts are always a good choice when looking to take a dish to the next level.

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September 7, 2017