All Things Fall!

Pumpkin Pasta

There is more to fall than pumpkin spice! Hit all the bases when it comes to the flavors of the season with these must-have foods & flavors in some must-try recipes!



Pumpkin Alfredo by The Pretend Baker

Without a doubt, the most popular flavor of fall is pumpkin! Through the magic of pumpkin spice coffee, pretzels, cereal, cakes, cookies, cream cheese, ice cream and beyond are all showing off their sweet and rich pumpkin flavors. But with so much sweet pumpkin, we thought we’d throw something a little different your way with this recipe for Pumpkin Alfredo. That’s right – PUMPKIN PASTA! With the help of shallot, sage, asiago & a little bacon, you’ll love the refreshing pumpkin flavor without all the sugar.



Sausage & Apple Pizza by Taste Of Home

If pumpkin is King, then consider Apples the Queen of fall food! Fresh from this season’s harvest in Upstate New York, we’re excited to host all the finest varieties of authentic Apple Country apples in our produce department! Just waiting to be baked into pies, muffins, crisps & beyond, our Best In Fresh local apples are also amazing on their own, made into apple butter, dipped in chocolate, drizzled with caramel and so much more! And just like pumpkin, apples aren’t only a sweet treat! Apples also pair great with sausage (like this pizza), cheddar, bacon & more!



Squash Gratin by Abra's Kitchen

Also coming in fresh from Upstate New York, a wild assortment of butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash! These, and quite a few others, make up our stellar selection of winter squash – hard skinned cucurbits (including pumpkin) that get their name from their ability to stay good well into the winter. While these squashes are all different in a few ways, all squash has a flesh that becomes oh-so soft and delicious when cooked or roasted. Preparation can be as simple as tossing with oil and spices and roasting until tender, but winter squash can also be used in baking as you would pumpkin, puree into soups or sauces and even stuffed & baked whole.



Caramel Cream Dip by Favorite Family Recipes

However you may pronounce it, caramel is a sweet indulgence that shines alongside the many baked goods and and rich flavors of fall. Since it is essentially sugar that is heated until it melts and turns brown, it has a magical way of turning any food it touches into a sweet treat. Whether it appears as a dip, drizzle, frosting or candy on its own, we’re always happy to see it!



Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups by Lil Luna

If it’s got cinnamon, we’re all in! Cinnamon has a delicate flavor and is used in both sweet and savory dishes. Collected from the cinnamon tree, cinnamon can come in the form of a ground powder, sticks or oil. While we might automatically attribute our fond memories of cinnamon in cakes, cookies, pies, and desserts, cinnamon is also great for a deep, earthy flavor to chilis, curries, roasts & more.



Pecan Cookies by Sally's Baking Addiction

The sweeter of all the nuts, pecans have a natural flavor that is great on its own but AMAZING when cooked! They can be added atop practically any dessert, be the star of the show in the ever-famous Pecan pie and even add a delicious texture to roasted veggies and salads.



Maple Glazed Donuts by Sally's Baking Addiction

When you really want to add a special sweetness to your fall favorites, maple is absolutely underrated! After all, maple is what adds that unique woody sweetness to pancakes, bread pudding, and pie. However, it isn’t only great for desserts – maple can also add that warming flavor to roasted meats and vegetables – especially the orange ones!


Root Vegetables

Root Veggie Mash

Similar to squash, the warm flavors in root vegetables fit right in with the comfort foods of fall. Carrots, sweet potato, turnip and parsnips all develop their own uniquely sweet, rich flavor that has a wonderful way of taking on the spices and herbs around it. Even if you’ve never handled parsnip or rutabaga, this root veggie mash is worth a try!

October 2, 2018