6 Satisfying Winter Foods

Best Winter Foods

Nothing can ward off the chill of winter like a nice warm meal. While these foods are great anytime of year, the winter is the perfect invite to put them on your grocery list! These foods have a fantastic way of warming us from the inside out!

1.) Casseroles

What could be more comforting than a big scoop of casserole? We love them because of their versatility and ease – simply layer up your ingredients in an oven safe dish and bake away. We know there are a million and one ways to enjoy a casserole, but this is one worth trying this winter!

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2.) Root Veggies

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While carrots, potatoes and yams seem quite commonplace, other root veggies like parsnip, turnips and rutabagas fall to the wayside. This winter we challenge you to give them a try, as any root veggie with the right amount of rosemary & herbs and a touch of honey or maple syrup is a sweet-savory heaven.

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3.) Oatmeal

One of the worst parts of starting the day is facing merciless cold weather! One great way to combat the chill is to fill yourself with something warm, sweet and filling and oatmeal fits the bill! Starting your day with oatmeal will keep you full through lunch and adding fruits and yogurt can even make it a complete meal nutritionally. Ready in minutes, make oatmeal part of your morning routine for a warm, healthy start to the day.

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4.) Soup, Chowder & Stew

There is a reason that soup is the go-to food for those feeling under-the-weather! High sodium counts mean more electrolytes, important minerals for keeping your mind and body running at peak performance. And to put it simply, nothing quite warms from the inside out like a hot, tasty soup. Whether you like a light chicken noodle, thick chunky clam chowder or hearty beef stew, a big batch of soup to enjoy through the week is never a bad idea in the winter time.

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5.) Pasta

Possibly the king of comfort food, there are as many ways to enjoy pasta as there are days in winter! Whether you stick to the classics or get adventurous with your own homemade sauces and meat/veggie combinations, making pasta a part of your winter routine is a surefire way to make the season more enjoyable.

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6.) Brussels Sprouts

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Roast them with shrimp or chicken. Wrap them in bacon and bake until crispy. Cut them in half and sautée with garlic. Load them up with cheese in a casserole. Steam them with butter. Braise them with chicken broth. There are so many ways to enjoy these mini-cabbage greens that they make a wonderful grocery-staple in your weekly menu. You can even buy them shredded for salads, cole slaw or egg roll in a bowl!

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January 3, 2018