Decadent Hor D’oeuvres

Red Wine Cherry Tomato & Goat Cheese Crostini

Even if you are not planning on a sit-down meal, tasty treats are still a sure-fire way to make any party great! Perfect for any cocktail party or social occasion, these finger foods are unique, delicious, and visually appealing while being simple enough to serve with a napkin and toothpick.

Something Savory

Red Wine Cherry Tomato & Goat Cheese Crostini

Red Wine Cherry Tomato & Goat Cheese Crostini
Via Wry Toast Eats

Toasts often make their way to the top of any hor d’oeuvres list because of their simplicity and versatility. Magic can be made when you mix the right flavors and textures on top of that little crostini, and they look great too! While the popular bruschetta crostini is always a hit, this recipe offers up just a bit more. Tomatoes are roasted & combined with balsamic vinegar, a dry red wine like cabernet sauvignon or merlot, salt, pepper, oil, basil & oregano before being adding on top of velvety goat cheese. Who could say no?


Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts
Via Fit Foodie Finds

From game day to New Year’s eve, this recipe is a cook and a crowd pleaser. It’s simple preparation yet gorgeous presentation makes it a great choice for so many occasions, plus its low-carb! Check out the recipe here.


Tomato Ricotta Tart

Tomato Tart
Via Girl Versus Dough

Tarts and flatbreads require little assembly, can be dressed differently or the same, and size out to as many servings as you cut them to. This makes them a wonderful option when it comes to finger food. This recipe offers a more classical combination of tomatoes with ricotta cheese, basil, chives, & lemon zest on top of an always-classy phyllo dough.



Sweet Potato & Guac Bites

Smashed Sweet Potato Guacamole Bites
Via Running To The Kitchen

This combination of two flavorful superfoods can also double as a cocktail party cuisine or game day goodie. Featuring sweet potatoes that are boiled on the stovetop, cut to ½ inch rounds and then gently smashed before being roasted, prep time is no longer than an hour. Feel free to add the optional bacon piece on top or place a single cajun shrimp up-top if you don’t need to keep it vegetarian. See the full recipe here.


Mini Stuffed Peppers

Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers
Via Whole and Heavenly Oven

When it comes to stuffing peppers practically anything is game. While you will commonly see taco / fiesta stuffed peppers with taco seasonings and meat, we felt for a lighter treat the combination of cheeses and pimientos used in this recipe was better fit for a finger food. If you think your guests can handle the heat you could even use jalapeños!


Pull Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread

Pull Apart Garlic Bread
Via Recipe Tin Eats

The goal of finger foods is effortless (and mess-less!) eating. This recipe for a cheesy garlic bread manages to fit the bill by stuffing a hatch-cut pattern with mozzarella and garlic butter before baking. This leaves you with a pull apart bread that is great on its own or dipped in a nearby dish of marinara.


Bourbon Cocktail Meatballs

Bourbon Cocktail Meatballs
Via Authentic Suburban Gourmet

It wouldn’t be a cocktail party without a cocktail meatball! Aptly referred too as “little nuggets of joy”, from the looks of this recipe we can see why! The sauce is as easy as “mix together” and the meatballs could be your own recipe or 1 pound of your favorite frozen party meatballs! But as delicious as the regular cocktail meatball is, it’s the addition of bourbon that makes these worth considering.


Something Sweet

Since there commonly isn’t a set dinner or dessert hour, feel free to sprinkle some sweets in the mix!

Brie apple honey crostini

Brie, Apple Honey Crostini
Via Two Peas And Their Pod

Melted creamy brie + flavor-filled apples + touch of honey = hor d’oeuvres heaven! With a simple ingredient list and even simpler preparation, you’ll be the most popular person at the party when you give this recipe a try!


Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries
Via Typically Simple

No bake cheesecake? We’re listening! This simple snack is not only a great dessert for any reason, but it would make a great addition to any brunch or evening occasion. All you need is strawberries, softened cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and some crushed graham cracker. With such a simple ingredient list, give this recipe a try the next time you’re feeling something sweet!


No-Bake Cake Balls

Champagne Cake Balls
Via The Seasoned Mom

While you’re going to need to see some ID before serving these sweet treats, they are well-worth the unique combination of champagne and white cake mix! While the no-bake aspect of these balls mean it will have to chill overnight, the entire process is rather simple and the finished product is worth it! See the recipe here.

November 8, 2018