Cooking 101: Pizza!

All You Need To Know About Making Pizza

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Something we can all agree on – pizza is delicious! Its awesomely simple combination of cheese and sauce makes it the perfect quick lunch or dinner. The only downside is the restrictions of your pizzeria – what if you want to add your own flair?

We got you covered with this helpful how-to on making your own pizza!

What You’ll Need


Pizza Stone

A pizza stone or pan is suggested, but if you don’t have one don’t panic! There are pizza lovers out there that swear by a sheet pan turned upside down.

For pizza with an absolutely perfect crispy and chewy texture, you can use a cast iron pan! This method will have your pizza ready in less than 30 minutes (when using pre-made dough)! Check here for great instructions on the cast iron pizza method.


Make It Yourself Or Pick Up Some Pre-Made

If time is of the essence, you might want to go for a pre-made pizza dough. Naan bread also makes a fine pizza crust. If you’re really looking for the “made right here” experience, then homemade pizza dough is the only option. All you need for the best pizza dough structure and flavor is flour, yeast, water and time. Time truly is a factor in the end result of your pizza dough because aging is an important step. Some recipes will even call for dough to be aged up to 24 hours!


No Fancy Simmering Or Spicing, Just Get It On With Some Canned Tomatoes!

There is marinara sauce, classic Italian tomato sauce and then there is pizza sauce – all are very different! Marinara is sweet, tomato sauce (some call it gravy) is savory with many added flavors, and pizza sauce is as simple as high quality canned tomatoes and your hands. Simply open your can, squish the tomatoes, strain out some juice, remove hard pieces and there’s the best pizza sauce you’ll ever have.

The Cheese

You Need Less Cheese Than You Think

While pizza can absolutely be cheese-less, we’re here to make a classic pie, and classic pies require mozzarella and parmesan! Using pre-packaged mozzarella will give you a classic New York style slice and fresh mozzarella will appear more authentic and gourmet. Always use less than you’d think, as cheese will spread as it melts. Add your parmesan once your pie is fresh out of the oven.


Mixed Up Toppings

While we would all love to have our dream pizza stacked with all our favorites, less is more for your first DIY pizza. If there are too many ingredients on your pie you run risk of undercooked crust and no one is in the mood for that! Stick to a handful of toppings for a good sized pie (8-12 inches), see how it goes, then add a little more as you get a better feel for pizza making.


Putting It All Together

Get Cookin'

Step 1: On a lightly floured surface, shape your dough ball into a small, flat disk. Work from the center and push the dough outward to make the disk larger. Pick up the dough, and move hands along the edges from underneath letting gravity pull the dough out to your desired size.

Step 2: Bake dough for 5-7 minutes at 450º F. Once time passes, remove from oven and cool completely.

Step 3: Spoon a very thin layer of tomato sauce onto your crust, working out from center to edges.

Step 4: Add your cheese and toppings, but act fast! Once your sauce is on, that pie needs to get back in the oven ASAP to prevent your dough from getting too moist and ripping.

Step 5: On bottom rack, bake until your crust is brown and top is bubbly, about 10 – 12 minutes.

Step 6: Remove from oven, move to cutting board, slice and serve.


So you’ve made your first pizza and it came out great – now what?

Use your imagination!

Try out some non-conventional sauces and toppings the next time around! These ideas should get your creative culinary juices going!


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September 24, 2020