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Cooking 101: Pie | Hardware

Cooking 101: Homemade Pie!

“Sweet as pie”, “easy as pie” and “cutie pie” are just a few terms of phrase we hear regularly. All of these phrases are due in part to pies main characteristics: it’s sweet (with few exceptions, it’s easy and it [usually] looks as good as it tastes! We all have our favorite pie – apple, … Continue reading Cooking 101: Homemade Pie!

September 17, 2020
Cooking 101: Pork Chops

Cooking 101: Pork Chops!

Accounting for 10% of total pork consumption in the U.S., pork chops are a tender and tasty lean protein source that are a favorite for many. Because of their low fat content, overcooking could lead to dryness, but stick to the tips and tricks in this cooking 101 and you’re guaranteed a tasty chop every … Continue reading Cooking 101: Pork Chops!

August 25, 2020
Cooked Salmon Fillet

Cooking 101: Salmon!

It cooks quickly, it’s good for you and it pairs well with a variety of seasonings, sauces and sides. Have some fun with superfood salmon with this nifty Cooking 101 how-to!   History Native to tributaries along the North Atlantic and Pacific ocean, salmon has been a staple of both Native Americans and European settlers … Continue reading Cooking 101: Salmon!

July 21, 2020
Cooking 101: Icebox Cake

Cooking 101: IceBox Cake!

Cake minus the bake! A summertime favorite, icebox cakes are a great way to whip up a tasty dessert no-oven! Instead of baking your cake to cook and develop the flavors, icebox cakes instead chill the ingredients into one solid cake. Amazing things happen in the time it takes to chill – the cream thickens … Continue reading Cooking 101: IceBox Cake!

June 16, 2020
Lemon Turmeric Cake

Cooking 101: Lemon

From Italy and Greece to France, Turkey and the United States, lemon is an ingredient many chefs and home cooks trust to add bright, tangy flavor to a range of foods both sweet and savory. Different from other citrus fruits, lemons are rarely eaten raw – only their zest and juice are used to impart … Continue reading Cooking 101: Lemon

May 19, 2020

Category: Cooking 101
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