Shop Local With The Best!

Support Local With The Best!

There are so many benefits to shopping local! Buying from these companies:

  1. Supports your local economy and community directly!
  2. Takes less transportation which makes less of an environmental impact!
  3. Ensures top quality foods and more because they are made with love by mom & pop shops.


1.) New York Apples!

Mcintosh Apples from New York!Gala Apples from New York!Ginger Gold Apples from New York!Honeycrisp Apples from New York!

2.) Local Clams & Oysters!

Local Clams and Oysters!

3.) Local Artesan Breads From Chabaso Bakery!

Local Artisan Breads From Chabaso!

4.) Local Organic Milk from Byrne Hollow Farm!

Local Milk From Byrne Hollow Farm

5.) Local Cheesecakes From Junior’s!

Local Cheesecake From Junior's!

6.) Local Beers from Brooklyn Brewery and Montauk Brewing Company!

Local Beers from Brooklyn Brewery and Montauk Brewing Company!


More ways to show your support:

  1. Promote their products on social media by tagging their business in posts.
  2. Spread the “made with love” charm by sharing with friends and family as gifts or through gift cards.
  3. Give a great review on Yelp or Google so others can see how great they are!

September 15, 2020