Local Spotlight: Monreale Bread Company

Local Business Highlight: Monreale Bread Company

Who: Monreale Bread Co.
Where: Lindenhurst NY
What: Artisan Breads

The Beginning

Matteo DiFiori

Founder Matteo DiFiore grew up in Monreale, Sicily. Monreale – a contraction of monte-reale meaning “royal mountain” – is a city not far from Palermo on the north west side of the island. As most did at the time, Matteo grew up in his Godfather’s panetteria where he learned the skills of baking authentic Italian bread by hand. A master in his trade, Matteo took his family to the U.S. in 1968 where they opened their first Italian bakery in Brooklyn, NY.

The Secret? Passion.

Passing The Torch

Joe DiFiori - Monreale Bread Company

Carrying on his father’s tradition of excellence, Joe DiFiore opened his first retail bakery on Long Island in 1996. From Brooklyn to Centereach, Massapequa to Hicksville, and finally their new facility in Lindenhurst, the Monreale Bread Company has grown into a wholesale bread company providing thousands of loafs each day for supermarkets, delis, bakeries and restaurants in and around Long Island.


The Monreale Difference

As Matteo and the sicilian masters he learned from would wish it, all breads baked by Monreale Bread Company are by scratch with no mixes, preservatives or freezing involved. With an exceptional attention to detail, all breads are carefully mixed, meticulous scaled, and skillfully hand-shaped before being proofed for delivery. In all their high quality Italian loaves, heroes, rolls and baguettes the Monreale difference is easy to see and taste. Baked in state of the art stone hearth ovens, tube oven technology is the secret to achieving this old world quality & taste.

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The Rich History Of Monreale Bread Company

January 16, 2019