Bringing Out The BEST

Happy Team Members Make Happy Customers

It isn’t just the fresh food and great deals that make us the best! Since 1994 our team members have been on the front-lines of delivering our super! amazing! wow! experience to communities across Long Island. All you need to do is observe and you will see a level of comfort and confidence not common in your usual supermarket!


Here To Help

Syosset Ribbon Cutting - April 20, 2018

As a family-owned and operated local business that stemmed from a small produce stand in Brooklyn, the value of a strong team has been paramount to growth and success year after year. In an age where management may be nothing more than a voice or email that only appears with reason, Best Market’s store leaders, their higher-ups and even the CEO are familiar faces in the stores. From greetings and a gift every year for the holidays to spontaneous lunches, parties, fishing trips, baseball games and more, it is clear to team members at all levels that everyone here is in this together.

“The store feels like a family” explains Robin Bruno, front end team leader in Huntington since 2009. “The atmosphere makes the store extra-special. There are customers who know us by name and are very friendly. I have a bunch of favorites but the ones that come in daily and make me laugh make my day.”


Nature? Nurture!


But this type of culture doesn’t happen on accident! Before team members get started in store, they attend one of two weekly sessions at Best Market HQ. It is here that all new members are introduced to our “Family Values”, a list of goals we encourage all team members to shoot for to be successful in their work and beyond.

Best Market Family Values

These points can resonate with anyone, at any level, in any position and their goal is simple; to help team members be the best they can be!


More Than A Discount


Working with an uplifting team is one thing, but we also make the utmost effort to ensure the proper benefits, compensation & work/life balance for our team. From a schedule that works for them to time off, benefits and their work environment – the mindset and stability of our Team Members is number 1! Regardless of age, status or length of employment, all team members receive a host of benefits & perks!

After 90 days of employment, Team Members enjoy:

  • Paid Personal/Sick Time
  • Medical, Dental, Vision & Life Insurance
  • 401-K with Employer Match
  • Referral Bonus
  • Paid Vacation After 1 Year ( 1 Year = 1 Week, 2 Years = 2 Weeks, 3 Years = 3 Weeks)

Both full and part time team members receive:

  • 6 Month, Then Annual Reviews For Raises & Promotions
  • 10% Off All Purchases
  • 50% Off Sandwiches, Salads, Prepared Foods, Sushi & More
  • Free Item of the Month
  • 24/7 “Report It” Hotline Access


A Place To Be Yourself

So what kind of team has our stable and supportive work environment gotten us? Only a diverse collection of the finest individuals in the tri-state! Experienced and inexperienced! Home-from-schoolers and long-termers! Outgoing socialites and shy introverts! We welcome one and all who are ready to bring their best to work everyday.

It is the determination, ingenuity, input, skills, kindness and pizzazz of each and every team member that makes us the BEST, and we make sure they know it!


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September 21, 2018