Local Beers At Best Market

Perhaps it’s the never-ending stream of day and night life. Maybe it’s the constant flow of travelers from far and wide. Whatever the reasons, it is plain to see that the tri-state has a number of excellent local breweries to enjoy and we’ve got the best in our Beer World!

Keep an eye out for these local beers next time your out at your local Best Market!

Coney Island Brewery


Items to look out for: Coney Island Amber Ale, Variety Packs, Hard Orange Cream, Mermaid Pilsner, Overpass IPA, Plunge Seasonal, Hard Root Beer, Hard Ginger Ale & more.

About Coney Island Brewing Co.:
With spinning thrills, games of skill, treats on the boardwalk, the Atlantic ocean and the horizon beyond, Coney Island is the end of the earth; the place where dreamers come together to share in the best moments, the high hills of the roller coaster ride called life. Coney Island Brewing Company brews craft beer that captures the spirit, flavor and romance that is Coney Island.


Great South Bay Brewery


Items to look out for: Great South Bay Blood Orange, Lager, Massive, Seasonal, & more.

About Great South Bay Brewery:
Great South Bay Brewery gets its name from the 151 square miles of shallow saltwater heaven stretching to the horizon off the south shore of Long Island, New York. The focus in “The Bay” is quality of life, quality of friends, and quality of pretty much everything else – “the Bay Way”. When it comes to Bay brews, it’s not about how much can be made; but how much better it can be made. It’s not about how fast it can be turned out, but how fast a smile appears on the face that tastes it. All beers are craft brewed using the highest quality malts and the finest hops possible using recipes that have been endlessly tinkered with and processes that are meticulously executed. What surfaces is a mouthful of unique flavor characteristics not common to any other beers. But don’t take our word for it – the proof is in the pint!


Brooklyn Brewery


Items to look out for: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Black Ops, Pennant Ale, Brown Ale, IPA, Lager, Oktoberfest, Pilsner, Post Road Pumpkin Ale, Sorachi Ale, Summer Ale, Variety Packs & more!

About Brooklyn Brewery:
In 1984, Associated Press correspondent Steve Hindy returned from a six-year stint in the Middle East and settled in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. Hindy had caught the homebreweing bug from diplomats stationed in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait where alcoholic beverages were forbidden. With his downstairs neighbor, Tom Potter, Hindy quit his job and founded The Brooklyn Brewery in 1988. And thus their flagship brew, Brooklyn Lager, began its steady march to recognition as one of America’s highest regarded beers.

By 1996, with renowned traditional beer expert Garrett Oliver at the helm as Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery brought brewing back to the once mighty brewing center of Brooklyn. The Brewery is poised to continue to churn out some of the most creative and leading styles of beer in America.


Blue Point Brewing Company


Items To Look Out For: Blueberry, Hoptical Illusion, Mosaic, Oatmeal, Pale Ale, Rastafarye, River Variety, Seasonal, Summer Ale, Toasted and White IPA.

About Blue Point Brewing Company:
What started in 1998 as two beer nuts chatting over a few pints quickly grew into Long Island’s first and finest craft brewery. With a passion for the collision of the art and science of brewing, cofounders Mark and Pete set out to create a haven for self-discovery that would inspire themselves and a carefully chosen collection of kindred spirits to produce award-winning beer in many styles.

It began with the first beer they ever brewed: Toasted Lager, which would become wildly popular and ultimately the flagship of Blue Point Brewing Company. This American Amber Lager leads the malt-focused lineup that showcases the passion for beer in every recipe, barrel and pint.


The Bronx Brewery


Items To Look Out For: Belgian Pale, Pale Ale, Rye Pale, Seasonal, Session IPA.

About The Bronx Brewery:
“A small team with a big mission.” The Bronx brewery is committed to crafting the absolute best pale ales on the east coast. Specializing in pale ales, they claim “No nonsense, no pretense, no silly names – we simply strive to make great beer for people that love great beer.”


Fire Island Beer Company


Items To Look Out For: Frozen Tail Ale – Winter, Lighthouse Ale, Red Wagon IPA, Sea Salt Ale, Sunken Ferry Stout

About Fire Island Beer Company:
Fire Island Beer Company has emerged from the handiwork of two brothers and a cousin who developed their taste for craft beer and homebrewing during the summers they spent on Fire Island, the naturally beautiful barrier island just off Long Island’s south shore. The relaxed island has attracted families, artists, partiers, weekend beach-goers and outdoor sports lovers for generations, yet it refuses to allow cars, pretention and the frantic pace common to NY-metro area culture. This led the company to coin Fire Island “The Other New York”, a concept that is as refreshing as their brews.

Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.


Items To Look Out For: Black Duck Porter, Harbor Ale, Otherside IPA, & Summer Ale.

About Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.:
Every drop of Greenport Harbor Beers are made in two small craft breweries located at the very end of Long Island, New York. Their founders met in college where they developed an interest in quality beers. The beers of Greenport Harbor Brewery have been tasted, studied and brewed in pursuits of creating a stunning beer any taste could appreciate. Greenport beers are sold in bottles & on-tap across Long Island and New York City – with expanded distribution into Upstate New York and Connecticut this past Spring. Their beers have been featured in the Village Voice, Newsday, TimeOutNY, and the Wall Street Journal amongst others.


Montauk Brewing Co.


Items To Look Out For: Arrowhead Red, Driftwood ESB, Hop Blonde, Session IPA, & Summer Ale.

About Montauk Brewery:
Established in 2012 by three lifelong friends, Montauk Brewing Co. is sharing the true spirit of Montauk through the celebration of quality beer. Eric Moss, Vaughan Cutillo, Joe Sullivan and their brewers dedicate themselves to the art of craftsmanship which reflects clearly in the success of their beers. New York State’s easternmost brewed beer is available on Long Island, New York at the boroughs!


Sixpoint Brewery


Items To Look Out For: Bengali, Crisp, High Res, Resin, Seasonal, Sweet Action, & Variety Packs.

About Sixpoint Brewery:
Founded in 2004, Sixpoint Craft Ales opened in Red Hook Brooklyn creating a variety of beers. Whether it is a Craft Ale, Crisp Lager or Cycliquid – any beer produced is a unique Sixpoint creation. The fountainhead of their creativity is not confined to the shackles of “style guidelines” because style simply has no guidelines. Beer is made in accordance with kosher principles, but it no certified by Rabbi. Beers by Sixpoint are vegan and vegetarian. The brewery is also popular for its rare “one-off” beers that are not produced regularly, leaving the masses to follow and keep an eye out for these one-of-a-kind flavors.


Southampton Publick House


Items To Look Out For: Double White Ale, Imperial Porter, & IPA.

About Southampton Publick House:
The beers crafted at the Southampton Publick House are award winning and unique. They have been ranked in the top 10 for GABF medals won by a brewery in the last 10 years as well as a recipient of the Top Brewpub award in 2003 by Beer Advocate Magazine.




Items To Look Out For: Cranberry, Grapefruit, Lime, Mixed & Orange.

About SpikedSeltzer:
SpikedSeltzer is all natural, low carb, gluten-free, and contains 6% alcohol. The company got its start by Nick Shields, a veteran in the brewing and drink industry who started the adventure with SpikedSeltzer in 2013. The product itself is made exclusively from purified water and natural ingredients. The fresh fruit flavors infused in SpikedSeltzer are derived from cold-pressed citrus essence from a variety of fruits. Fermentation of this citrus essence and sugar naturally produces 6% alcohol. The result is clean and clear without the sugary sweetness of wine or the heaviness of beer.

Whether it’s straight from the bottle, poured over ice, or used in a mixed drink, SpikedSeltzer always remains perfectly refreshing.

October 27, 2016