Craft Beer- A Local Revolution

Craft beer has made a revolutionary rise in popularity. Ten years ago, who would have thought that your local market would be carrying over 200 kinds of delicious and high quality beers from every corner of the globe? The shift in demand towards high quality beers, full of flavor and character has granted Best Market the opportunity to launch Beer World – your very own craft beer superstore conveniently located in your neighborhood supermarket.

Craft beers are created in microbreweries and brewed in small batches, with quality ingredients. Each bottle is the result of a masterful, handcrafted process of fermentation designed to embody unique flavor and character that macro-brewed beer can’t come close to achieving. It’s fine art in a bottle.

Keep it in mind that buying local beer supports the local economy. Craft beers come from small, local, and family-owned businesses that reinvest revenue into the local economy – supporting good jobs and happy families with their brews. There are craft breweries in every state and in most countries throughout the world putting revenue to good use.

Vote with your purchase! Support beers that embody their regional flavors and honor the tradition of brewing beer for flavor and authenticity. Cheers to that!

February 27, 2014