Wood Smoked BBQ

Find A Wood Smoked Bar-B-Que Near You!

Available in Harlem.

To perfect the recipes and techniques found in our Wood Smoked BBQ department, we sent Team Members across the country in search of truly great American barbeque.

BBQ-BANNERThey brought the best back to us in the Northeast. While there’s always something new we’re trying out, we have a delicious lineup of low-and-slow barbequed meats in every department: classic brisket, pulled pork, beef ribs, smoked chicken, smoked turkey, spare ribs, and smoked chicken wings.

We apply custom blends of spices and carefully dry rub everything that goes into our smoker to maximize flavor.

For our chicken, beef, and pork, we use cherry and hickory wood smoke to maximize low-and-slow barbecue flavor. Every item is cooked to the peak of balanced tenderness and smokiness.

Customers can trust the quality by looking for the pink “smoke ring” on every cut of meat. It’s the guarantee of deep, smoky flavor, and it only comes from real hardwood smoking.

Our family favorite rotisserie chickens are wood smoked in our barbeque smokers to add an extra layer of flavor, too, making them even more delicious but still as convenient as ever. And our brisket, pork, ribs, and other items are smoked for anywhere from two hours to eighteen hours, until the barbeque Pitmaster in each store is sure they’re perfect.

BBQ By The Best

Every item is available packaged to order into containers by the pound, or in handy to-go containers as single servings and meals. In the tradition of barbeque greats like Taylor, Texas’ Louis Mueller, we serve all our scratch-made meats, sides, and meals counter-style, exactly how you want it.

To accompany our mouth-watering, tender smoked meats, we prepare a Texas-sized collection of traditional sides:

  • We have sweet potato casserole topped with toasted pecans, plus rich, gooey macaroni and cheese: cheesy and perfectly cooked at the center with crunchy, browned cheese at the edges.

  • Our collard greens are braised with smoked turkey to maximize smokiness without adding the fat of bacon or ham hock, but we go hog-wild with our sweet baked pork beans—full of flavor from our smoked meats.

  • No set of sides would be complete without mashed red potatoes, and ours are perfectly seasoned to compliment smoked meat. And our cole slaw and corn on the cob are year-round favorites. So are our roasted, seasonal mixed vegetables.

  • We even offer tangy vegetarian beans and traditional Persian-style rice and beef, so everyone in the family can get the freshly-prepared sides they’re craving.

Authentic Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs & MoreIn addition to our delicious sides, there are traditional, house-baked biscuits and cornbread to accompany every order, as well as condiments to compliment each of our smoked meats: our custom-blended sauces, plus homemade pickled vegetables, including chilies, red onions, and cucumbers, all offered at no charge to our customers.

From the custom spice blends to the careful attention each piece of meat gets, the Barbeque Department at your local Best Market is a unique, must-visit destination in your neighborhood. It’s so authentically good, you just might discover it’s your family’s new favorite spot for lunch or take-out.


July 13, 2015