whole fish

Oceans and local rivers are the starting point for much of the seasonal seafood sold in Best Market’s seafood department. Our ultra-fresh catch come in at docks in Montauk and Freeport, fresh from the Atlantic. With so many locations just a short drive away from major docks, we can bring in fish that has been out of the water for less than an hour. Best Market gives you the freshness and local selection of a buzzing, busy fish market in each of our stores—including, occasionally, some fish-tossing.

So Much Great Seafood To Choose From!Every store is home to a master-trained Fishmonger, who can provide you with information on everything from an item’s origin to the best cooking method and food pairings. Team Members clean, fillet, and shuck all day to ensure every product stays at the peak of freshness—and they can give useful tips on keeping those items fresh once you bring them home.

Our fishmongers can also work with you to obtain any special order items you need to complete the perfect entertaining or special occasion menu. Our Famous King Size Shrimp are so big you’ll think they’re lobsters, and they make a huge impact when entertaining. And if you’re really looking to make a splash, we have a selection of gourmet specialties made in house every day, like salmon burgers, stuffed fillets, shrimp and seafood salad, and, the real stunners, our oven ready whole fish. It’s the ocean’s equivalent of a nice big roast, and we do all the prep for you.
Explore Our Seafood Department!In addition to our remarkable everyday prices, the weekly deals we offer on seafood are always a best buy. Just like in our meat department, they’re the kind of deals you call neighbors about and plan a party around. With daily deliveries, superb freshness, and a team of fishmongers whose knowledge can’t be matched, the seafood department at Best Market is sure to provide the quality and freshness you deserve.

July 11, 2015