Meat & Poultry

Cleanliness, friendliness, and value are the defining features of every Best Market meat department. Each team member is trained by master butchers, learning from experienced team members how to prepare, cut, and cook every cut of meat we stock–which is always fresh, never frozen. So, when customers have questions, they can be confident the answers are coming from Team Members drawing not just on their own knowledge, but the knowledge of the master butchers who trained them, and that the meat they’re buying is cut and sold with pride. meat99_slider-1 From steaks to chops to custom meat blends and gourmet sausages, every Best Market meat department is full of customer favorites. Team members in the department cut, grind, and package throughout the day, providing both packaged and service-counter choices. We stock fresh USDA Choice beef for the best steakhouse-quality steaks imaginable, whether you’re broiling, pan-roasting, grilling, or you’ve learned a new method of preparing your favorite cut from one of our butchers. They’ve got all the tips you’ll need to make anything in the meat department taste as good as your favorite restaurant preparation.

A custom cut of meat is only a moment away: just ask your butcher. If we have it, we’ll cut it. Filets, roasts, chops—we’ll custom cut meat at any time. All you have to do is ask.

img_7049_720For many families, meat is the centerpiece of the meal. Best Market is committed to providing an everyday low price on everything in the store, including our own Meat Department specialties and traditional store brands like Tyson and Perdue. On top of our everyday values, some of the most outrageous deals—the sort of deals that make you clean out your freezer and call the neighbors—can be found in our Meat Department. Because we know our loyal customers will take full advantage of every deal, we can negotiate prices on beef, poultry, and pork that other stores can’t. yesWe also sell items from well-known specialty meat suppliers like chicken from Harvestland, Farmland Pork, and Naturewell Beef. We carry a full line of organic and natural healthy alternative gourmet items like like sausages from Bilinski’s and Al Fresco. Vegetarian-fed chicken, grass-fed beef , and crate-free pork are available to suit your and your family’s preferences. Of course, we also proud to offer Kosher- and Halal-certified meats in many of our locations. Our meat department also sells specialty and gourmet items. Broiling roasts stuffed with greens and cheese are customer favorites, as are rib roasts studded with herbs and garlic. Pinwheels, kebabs, bracciole, and custom burger blends—like spinach and feta chicken burgers or portobello mushroom and beef burgers—make entertaining easy. They’re always available in the meat case to lend a special twist to a dinner party or weekday meal.

“Your neighborhood Best Market butchers can also help you pick out the perfect custom blend of ground meats for making your own meatloaf or sausage—and they promise to keep your secret recipes safe!”

July 16, 2015