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Available in East Rockaway, Great Neck and Harlem.

We know you’re looking to feed your family the very best you can all while keeping up with the latest health and fitness advice, and we’re here to help you. That’s why, in select Best Market stores, we’ve opened signature Juice Market to help meet your healthy lifestyle.

In our Juice Market, you can pick up convenient, affordable, fresh-pressed juices andInfused Water Made With Our Fresh Produce smoothies already packaged in our most popular blends and flavors. Plus, we’ll blend beverages for you while you wait. If you have any dietary restrictions (or if you just love mango!), we will customize any of our juices or smoothie recipes to your taste.

There’s a menu of choices in each shop with customer-favorite blends we’ve developed ourselves, like our Popeye’s Surprise green juice blend and a tangerine juice that’s just perfect for brunch mimosas at home. Kids love our never-frozen apple juice made with crisp, sweet Fuji apples, and our fresh-squeezed orange juice is perfect for balanced breakfasts each morning–for every member of the family. And, for a summertime treat anytime, we squeeze, blend, and bottle our own tart, refreshing lemonade year-round.

We’re also on top of the latest trends in nutrition, so in a growing number of stores you’ll find cold-pressed juices made fresh daily. These juices are made with the state-of-the-art cold press juicers, ensuring your healthy, affordable cold pressed beverage is the most nutrient-dense, fortifying juice available anywhere.

Fresh Fruits & Veggies Make Fresh Juice

For healthful smoothies, we keep on hand ingredients like hemp milk, flax seed powder, raw honey, and more types of protein powder than you can shake a gym bag at. The menu in each Juice Market explains our ingredients and our most popular options, and there are always new and special additions for you to try in your favorite blend.

In addition to juices and smoothies, those looking to aid their detox or weight loss plans (or just wanting a cleansing, refreshing beverage) can enjoy our infused waters made with hand-selected herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

With such a commitment to quality, we know that the resulting drinks will only be as good as the fruits and vegetables put into it. So of course every drop of our Juice Market beverages are made with the same Best Market produce you love, for tastes you’ll love at first sip. Every morning, every day, 365 days a year, our juices are 100% fresh and made with never-frozen ingredients.

Here's Why Our Juice Market Is The Best!

Of course, for a taste of any of our juices or smoothies, all you have to do is ask any department Team Member for a sample, and they’ll be more than happy to oblige. It’s just one of the many ways we ensure you’ll love the Juice Market at Best Market.

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July 19, 2016