Best Market’s delicatessens provide an old-world-style deli experience and feature mouth-watering items for picnics and parties as well as delicious Boar’s Head cold cuts. We’re proud to give you the best choices and biggest variety, and team members in our deli department are committed to value and service. They slice throughout the day, offering samples, crafting our signature “double the meat” combos, and putting together family value trios. On top of regular supermarket favorites, our delis stock natural, organic, and Kosher items to meet your family’s needs, too. Day in, day out, there’s delicious variety to be found in Best Market’s delis.
IMG_6616In fact, many customers experience the exceptional variety found at Best Market inside our deli department during our regular tasting events. From an unusual Italian cheese to a new, rare shaving of imported ham, the Deli department entices the palette and helps you create new recipes.

Made-to-order sandwiches and fresh, ready-to-serve salads are a popular choice at lunchtime and for easy family meals that can accommodate everybody’s tastes. We make all our sandwiches to order, filling our store-baked bread and rolls with Boar’s Head cold cuts and hand-picked fixins from our produce and specialty foods departments.

Fresh prepared food, crafted with seasonal ingredients at the peak of freshness, make Best Market delis a mouth-watering part of your shopping trip. Our deli team members cook juicy rotisserie chickens, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and dozens of other freshly prepared meals and side dishes daily. When you’re in a rush, need a quick meal idea, or if it’s just too hot to cook, items from our deli—like a filling, wholesome sandwich or a salad prepared with signature, hand-picked Best Market produce—are just the ticket.

img_9690_720-1And speaking of tickets—we use a convenient ticketing system in all our delis, so you don’t need to wait for your items. Just pull a ticket and head over when your number is called. It’s easy, quick, and keeps you on the move.

Our cheese market imports cheeses from all over the world, and we wrap all our fresh products without chemicals or gasses. From large producers spanning thousands of miles of geography to local to New York and New Jersey products. There isn’t much better than pairing locally produced and grown items with each other. For our money, simple is best, so we go bananas for New York apples paired with slices of New York Sharp Cheddar in the fall. We also carry Bel Gioioso products, specialty mozzarella from Formaggio in New York, truffle butter from Aux Delice des Bois, salumi from Milano’s in Manhattan, and Yancey’s Fancy Cheeses from upstate New York.

deliquote_slider We also mix up the spice blend for our house-marinated cracked green olives in the Olive Bar, where, in addition to local and house-made items, you’ll find fresh, select olives from all over the globe.

Whether you’re looking for a quick sandwich, a sophisticated and tasty side dish to accompany the main part of your family meal, or a luxurious new cheese or olive mix, Best Market’s Deli has a smart, delicious choice in store. Just wait till you taste it!

July 16, 2015