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All About Our Beer World!

What Is “Beer World”?

An extensive mix of the most popular craft brews in the United States and beyond!

Find a Beer World near you in Commack, East Rockaway, Harlem, Shirley and West Babylon South.

yesBest Market’s Beer World represents, in many locations, the best selection of craft beers for miles around. (The selection at our Harlem store is the best in all of Manhattan!)

“We love local products, and beers are no different. We have a huge selection of beers from small and mid-size breweries in the Northeast, and we’re always among the first stores to carry new offerings from startup and established makers.”

Check Out Our Beer World!
Our mixed six packs give you a great opportunity to try something completely new, or to sample a variation on a style that’s known and loved. With 80 varieties to pick and choose from, and items rotated in every week, the chances of finding something new to love are high indeed. In fact, with our regular rotations and wide selection, our craft six deals allow for over 177 billion combinations of beers. To make it easier to choose, we organize everything by style (lager, ale, stout, and so on) so you can see your favorite alongside something similar you might like to try.

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Beer World BYO 6 Pack!
Build Your Own 6-Pack!

Trying new beer is at the heart of our regular tasting events. Just like we do with cheese, olives, and other items in our deli, we also offer customers the chance to sample new, unusual, and emerging products. In fact, many of our tastings involve food pairings, so you can sample a new beer with food, or explore a seasonal food and beer pairing.

All our Beer World team members memorize ratings, scour rankings, and attend local craft brewery events to get information direct from breweries to keep up their knowledge of the craft beer scene. At Best Market, we believe in the power of food, and beer is no exception—so we’re happy to cheerlead for a local or small brewery that we think deserves a taste. You’ll often see a craft brew in our weekly ad, and we even use social media to alert customers when we have a rare or in-demand beer in stock. (Yet another reason to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.)

An Amazing Selection Of Craft Beers, Ciders & More!

Beer World is one of the many celebrated departments at Best Market, and for good reason. Our combination of value, variety, and product knowledge is unmatched, and the selection makes it a real drinker’s destination in each store.



July 16, 2015