11 Ways To Enjoy Potatoes

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The fantastic potato! The worlds fourth largest food crop behind rice, wheat, and corn. The Inca Indians in Peru were the first to grow this diligent and versatile food fromm 8,000 BC to 5,000 BC. When Spanish Conquistadors entered Peru and discovered the potato, it was immediately brough back to Europe where it was soon cultivated along the Biscay coast of northern Spain.

Contrary to popular belief, the potato did not reach Ireland until 1589 near Cork, where the next few decades the crop would spread throughout Europe and eventually the world!

If you cut down on the butter, sour cream, melted cheese and deep frying, potatoes are an exceptionally healthy low calorie, high fiber food that offers protection against cardiovascular disease and cancers. So load up your cart and use any of these delicious methods for your potatoes!


1.) Baked


Averaging around 1 hour and a half cook time, baked potatoes are worth the wait! When it’s finished, you’ll have a crisp, golden skin with a light and fluffy inside that makes a delicious comfort food.

Ideas for your Loaded Potatoes:

  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese, Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Diced Pepper, Green Onion, Salt, Paprika, Pepper, Bacon Bits
  • Broccoli & Cheddar
  • Garlic Butter & Parmesan
  • Taco Stuffed
  • Caramelized Onion & Sautéed Mushrooms
  • Tuna & Spring Onion


2.) Mashed Potatoes


Every family has its own tricks of the trade when it comes to preparing this dinnertime classic. The secret to getting smooth-as-silk potato mash often lies in tons of butter and whole milk, but healthier cooking methods are out there!
Tip: Dont Overcook, Dont Undercook! A perfectly cooked piece of potato should give no resistance when cut with a knife, but shouldn’t crumble into a million pieces.


3.) Latkes/Hash Browns


We’ve all had potato pancakes that take like hashbrowns and hashbrowns that taste like potato pancakes – this is because the difference can become lost in translation! The real difference is that hashbrowns are just potato and maybe onion cooked on a griddle/pan till browned and cooked through, while latkes/potato pancakes have egg and matzo meal/flour to bind it together where they are pan fried in more oil.


4.) Chips


There’s no need for a deep fryer to make great potato chips – the oven will do! Homemade chips are exactly what you make them out of, preservative free and (best of all) they can be served warm! Simply slice up your potato into ⅛-inch slices using a mandolin or other handheld slicer, toss in oil, season lightly and then arrange in single layer on baking sheet. Cook at 400º F for 12-15 minutes and transfer to cooking rack for maximum crispness.


5.) Roasted


For perfectly roasted potatoes that have a fluffy, tender inside with a crispy, browned outside, cook them twice! Try parcooking them in boiling salted water before tossing in oil & seasoning for the oven. This one-two punch results in deeply brown potatoes that are perfectly cooked both inside and out.


6.) Scalloped


The creamy cheese sauce and tender potatoes bring any dieter to their knees when it comes to potatoes au gratin or scalloped potatoes. This French dish is practically designed for a deliciously addictive experience, perfect with a roast pork or beef tenderloin.

Spud Tip: To avoid lumps in your sauce, add milk just a little at a time as you stir the flour and butter.


7.) Potato Salad


This classic potato salad is one many Americans have grown up on! Preparation for the deli classic is tricky however, be sure to follow all steps to avoid watery mayo salad because potatoes didn’t absorb the sauce.

Spud Tip: Try a few hearty splashes of white vinegar to the potatoes while they are still warm, then let them rest for a secret and subtle flavor punch.


8.) Fries/Wedges


Simple recipes = Simply delicious! No matter how you slice and season it, french fries and potato wedges are a win in anyone’s book! While frying makes for a quick easy method, cooking your fries in the oven can still yield crispy, crunchy fries perfect with a steak, burger, or sandwich!


9.) Smashed Potatoes


Tender on the inside, amazingly crisp on the outside! Couple that with some garlic goodness and fresh thyme, smashed potatoes are a welcomed side dish at any meal!


10.) Potato Skins


Perhaps sparking memories of watching a football game somewhere, potato skins are a must-have comfort food loaded with flavor. Crunchy skins, tender inside loaded with your favorite combination of cheese and toppings, there are many ways to make potato skins your own!


11.) Soup


When winter rolls around, soups have their magical way of warming us from the inside out. The perfect potato soup isn’t complete without bacon, onion, carrot, celery, chicken or veggie broth, flour, milk, cheese of choice, heavy cream, salt, pepper, and a touch of cajun spice – and be sure to finish it off in a blender!

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November 30, 2016