Eating Well
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New Year’s Eve Party Checklist

Make Your Party Guest List The size of your guest list should depend on the space in your home. Ideally, everyone should have a place to sit. Inviting a few close friends will keep the stress of planning your party to a minimum. Let’s talk food! Start with a fresh fruit or vegetable platter from  More…

December 27, 2016

Get Started On Eating Right!

Making nutritional changes is all about setting yourself up for success mentally and then setting small goals you know you can reach. TIP #1 If you don’t have time to jot down everything you eat, set aside 10 minutes every evening to do it. On Sunday night, schedule 10 minutes to look over the week and try  More…

DIY Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are a Christmas tradition the whole family will love. Instead of spending hours making gingerbread or buying a kit, you can make them using graham crackers! Display your Gingerbread house and share it on social media #BestMarket. Gingerbread House Decorating Ideas The ultimate rule of gingerbread house decorating is to have fun! While patterns and recipes are  More…

December 22, 2016

15 Minute Or Less Appetizers!

Crab Dip Ingredients (14) ounce package of imitation crab meat 1 cup mayonnaise 2½ – 3 teaspoons Paprika, a touch of cayenne and pinch of pepper Directions Mix it all together and refrigerate until ready to serve. May be garnished with chopped chives and served on your favorite cracker. Yes, it really is that easy! Mini  More…

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Holiday Party Planning

Holiday Checklist: Plan The Best Party Ever! Review recipes for party food, and plan party menu. Use familiar recipes to avoid culinary surprises. Select music. Create playlists on your phone or tablet. Two days before the party, begin preparing food. Decorate the house and set any tables ahead of time. Block out several hours on the day  More…

December 19, 2016

Eating Well
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